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Resolved! How to setup CMSIS DSP on a ARM Cortex M33

Hello Everyone,I currently trying to implement a FFT by using the optimized functions from CMSIS library on a L5 MCU. The fact is that the M33 family seems not to be supported then I was wondering whether there's some kind of workaround in order to m...

bedo98 by Associate
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Resolved! CMSIS DSP Library performance

I'm using the STM32F769DI and the SMT32cCube for a project which will be using the CMSIS DSP libraries in a computationally demanding application.My C code is set for fast optimisation. __FPU_USED and FPU_PRESENT are set. ARM_MATH_CM7 is defined. I c...

IWhit.2 by Associate II
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Resolved! How to use CMSIS 5.8.0 in the cubeIDE

Hi,I use the stm32f446re with the cubeIDE and would like to use FFT's with 16 bit float (arm_rfft_fast_f16) like in the CMSIS DSP 5.8.0.The older CMSIS library works fine with the other data types but i cant get the new (DSP 1.9.0) to work. I tried d...

MH081 by Associate
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