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Systick preemption not working

Hello,We are working on a project since some years so it begin to be quite big.We are running FreeRTOS under the cmsisOs2 API.Recently, we added an external flash on our SPI bus and started to experience timings issues:The SPI is using HAL with trans...

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Auto detect STM32G0 Variations? Or pc_init, pc_unInit, pc_program_page, pc_erase_sector, pc_eraseAll, static base, begin stack, end stack, begin data, page size, page buffers address in mcu?

I am using PyOCD and CMSIS Pack Manager to connect and read from my MCU. However, to write I need to know the specific MCU name such STM32g071cbux. Is there a way to autodetect that variation between like STM32g071cbTx. or can I auto detect like my p...

LMora.5 by Associate
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Severe Reset issues with freeRTOS

This was a ticket I opened this year regarding a fatal flaw in FREE RTOS which I didn't get a final answer or proper solution. Even so the team that I've been working with manage to get a workaround that for now has been shown to be very effective, ...

APereira by Associate II
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Resolved! Timer Output Compare Fast Enable not doing what I think it should according to manual, ask for simpler/alternative explanation

Playing with STM32F746 disco, CMSIS-only, directly with registers, in C. CubeIDE 1.8.0, Win10. Gives a good intuitive understanding of how things work. For now, I'm practicing cascading the Timers in various ways (successfully). The thing I failed to...

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ilyus by Senior II
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