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Resolved! stm32u585 clock config

Dear Sir.Attached a code of SystemClock_Config();void SystemClock_Config(void) { RCC_OscInitTypeDef RCC_OscInitStruct = {0}; RCC_ClkInitTypeDef RCC_ClkInitStruct = {0};   /** Configure the main internal regulator output voltage */ if (...

Im trying to flash first program into STM32U575ZIT. For some reason I m getting the next error: stm32 failed to start GDB server error in initializing st-link device REASON:no device found . I updated the ST-LINK and still not working.

tried to update the ST-LINK with the cubeIDE after that with the ST-LINK TOOL and at the end I tried to install the latest driver with device manager .the STM32U575ZIT is pack fresh .(nucleo)

VREF+ not working

Dear Sir.Attached a schematic of STM32U585 . LDO_V28 is tested for 2.8v.Issuing the commandHAL_SYSCFG_VREFBUF_HighImpedanceConfig(SYSCFG_VREFBUF_HIGH_IMPEDANCE_DISABLE); HAL_SYSCFG_VREFBUF_VoltageScalingConfig(SYSCFG_VREFBUF_VOLTAGE_SCALE2);   HAL...