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Missing labels

When looking at a subforum, on the right side there are many labels available. For example, for the "Embedded software (MCUs)", the list starts with a label "ADC". But, when creating or editing a topic, there are just 9 labels available starting with...

Piranha by Chief II
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ST web server bug for PDF files

This is not a bug of the forum engine, but of the main ST web server! Let's open the following link: default on a Chromium/Bl...

Piranha by Chief II
  • 2 replies
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Wrong topic title for moved posts

If one takes a link to a specific post, then the posts, which had been moved from other topics, show the title of their respective original topic.Original post (OK)Moved post (wrong title):Also, as I have reported previously, adding a "Re: " in front...

Piranha by Chief II
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"Invalid HTML" errors on posting a message.

I'm trying to post a question but keep getting the following error:"Correct the highlighted errors and try again.""Your post has been changed because invalid HTML was found in the message body. The invalid HTML has been removed. Please review the mes...

Useless scrollbar

Open this link in Firefox:

Piranha by Chief II
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Search sometimes freezes

Search sometimes freezes:   It remained so apparently indefinitely (waited 5 minutes). JW [EDIT] reloading unfreezed, but why did it freeze at the first place?