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Resolved! STWIN export ISM330DHCX_MLC.dat to .csv

Hi, I am loading a .ucf file on the STWIN using the ST BLE Sensor Classic app, and then performing data logging using an SD card. In the resulting SD card files (STWIN_XXXXX) I get some files, including ISM330DHCX_MLC.dat, the outputs/classifications...

stm32ai INTERNAL ERROR: list index out of range

I have a DB (Differentiable Binarization) model exported to ONNX, and I quantized it with onnxruntime using the code below:```dr = DetDataReader(calibration_dataset_path, input_model_path) # Fake images as I'm just attempting to measure the memory us...

Mai1 by Associate
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How to infer a normal Float model when quantised on STM32CubeMX.

안녕하세요 제목과 같이 관련돼서 문의 합니다. 입력 데이터는 아래와 같고,Translated to EN: Hello I have an enquiry related to the title. The input data is as below, // 13 x 15 int new_data[195] = { /* fill with your sensor data */440, 501, 743, 479, 546, 658, 596, 523, 493, 684, 85...

Sensortile.box Machine learing with Unico GUI

Hello everyone,I'm trying to use the sensortile box pro for an ML alghoritm.My idea is to have a machine learning algorithm that can identify two types of vibrations: correct and fault.Using the firmware loaded on the Sensortilebox Pro Datalog 2.1.1,...

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Frabbit by Associate III
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Resolved! [IMU] Talking to sensors on sensor hub

So i have a LSM6DSOX and connected to its sensor hub LIS3MDL. Currently I'm trying to log data to feed into the NanoEdge studio.  So i need to grab data from the actual LIS3MDL. On the sensor hub you can read and write registers through the sensor hu...

BA_ by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32CubeIDE does not emit the X-CUBE-AI middleware

I am using STM32CubeIDE v1.12.1 on macOS. I have noticed that, when I import a project generated with STM32Cube.AI Developer Cloud, whenever I open the IOC and make a change to the device configuration that requires to regenerate the code, the projec...

PB1 by Associate III
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Want to deploy TFLM library on STM32L562E

Hi,Currently, I want to use TFLM library to do the inference rather than Cube.AI. For me, what I am doing is:1. download the latest tflm library2. build it with commands: "make -f tensorflow/lite/micro/tools/make/Makefile TARGET=cortex_m_generic TARG...