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Resolved! STM32H747 Person Detect FP-AI-VISION1 Camera Problem

Hello,I'm working on artificial intelligence on STM32H747. I started my work with projects on FP-AI-VISION. First, I solved the display problem caused by NT35510 and tried the project again. When I tried it, I got the look in the first photo. At firs...

FP-AI-ST-COMMUNITY-QUESTION.jpg koksoybedirhan_4-1703060985558.png koksoybedirhan_3-1703060956990.png

Getting a power estimate for ML model (STM32H735G-DK)

  Hello,I am currently working on a ML project for an STM MCU and am in a state where I have chosen an compatible board based on inference time and Flash/RAM consumption, but I don't yet have a physical board. Is it possible to get an estimate of pow...

NŠlju.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Unicleo can't connect to SensorTile.box (port not open)

Hello,I am trying to explore the STWIN Starter Kit (SensorTile Wireless Industrial Mode) functionality. My OS is Windows 11. I plan to collect data and train models, so I am trying to use Unicleo GUI to define the sensors to be used, the full scale, ...

anthonyADV_0-1705056151677.png error_unicleo.png

X-CUBE_AI 8.1.0 Tutorial

Kindly provide a step-by-step procedure or tutorial on how to use generated C code from X-CUBE-AI 8.1.0.How to use embedded client API (generated by X-CUBE)?Minimal application is provided in Documentation section. If possible kindly provide any elab...

SKuma.43 by Associate II
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Using comple CMSIS DAP package with Cube-AI

Hi,I am using stm32 cube ai software pack on my stm32l476zg nucleo board. The same is working fine. But, along with that i want to use fft function available through cmsis dsp package.I have seen that even the cube ai software pack generates a middle...

ABasra by Associate II
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