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Announcement 1 Update: root cause of technical issues has been identified
Announcement:Update: root cause of technical issues has been identified

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piet t
Hey everyone,   I'm using a stm32f722ze   I've got a small issue considering the prescaler on the timers. I'm using this to trigger an input capture and DMA request after 8 clock cycles, although the prescaler seems to have a slightly odd issue.   The issue:   first rising edge -> triggers input capture timer which

Please can somebody point me to an example of setting up an interrupt and service routine for a GPIO input for an STM32L031? I have read UM1749 but it maybe it's because I'm not familiar with HAL (4 years of using Standard Peripheral Library for several STM32F20x projects), but although there is a code snippet for configuring the GPIO pin as an
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Yannick Dannel
Dear,   I work on CAN bus with STM32F107 MCU. I arrived to configured CAN 1 with the help of "CAN Networking" example to send and receive CAN frame but when I try to use the CAN 2 (Slave CAN)? I only can send CAN frame. I can't receive CAN frame. So my CAN is correctly configured because I can send CAN frame. I think the problem is