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Announcement:Win a 3D printer! Embedded World 2017 Contest
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Oleksandr Neuimin
It's video about my old and new projects in which I used various microcontrollers. And why I use STM32 now.

Nature Shirled
Hello! This is a code of cubemx for f4 discovery board. Can anyone tell me why TIM6 Update event occurs each TIM6CLK/256 ? This timer is a trigger for DAC to generator wave . Thanks !!!!
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Everyone, How can I use cubeMX for SDcard ? I have generated for MDK but : this function doesn't work , from UM1721 User manual Developing Applications on STM32Cube with FatFs page 21. : uint32_t wbytes; /* File write counts */ uint8_t wtext[] = "text to write logical disk"; /* File write buffer */ if(FATFS_LinkDriver(&mynewdisk_Driver,
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vishal patel
Hi,I have STM32F4 interfaced with the external SRAM sized 512kx16 array. Now what I believe is (Pls correct me if i am wrong), Pointing to Every incremental Address should give me 16bit data. because SRAM is interfaced with 16bit wide data bus (non multiplexed)   For Example: 0x64000000 is the base address of my external SRAM. And I want to