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Maz D
I am trying to choose a crystal for the STM32F7. The only problem being is that I cant find a component that respects the recommended values found in the following arm design guide. Even STM for it's STM32F779I-EVAL board does not respect the gain_margin.     If I have understood correctly there is one main rule governing the

Aaron Chang
Hello,       I tried the example "FDCAN_Com_polling" on STM32H743I-EVAL, it worked like it should be.   Then I separated the example code into TX part and RX part, made one of my STM32H743I-EVAL board as TX and another as RX, but the RX did not work, it never received anything and the HAL_FDCAN_GetRxFifoFillLevel
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Hello,   I'm working with STM32F0 and CAN communication, sometimes the CAN peripheral stops, doesn't send or receive messages.   In the past I asked the same issue and the answer was that it could be the HAL_LOCK funtion and it will be fix in the next revision. My version of stm32f0xx_hal_can.c is * @version V1.4.0, and now I've