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Hi community,   I have to write an external loader that is capable of programming a flash memory.   I'm working on a custom board based on a STM32F7 MCU with the framework touchGFX to realise a graphical user interface. For this I use an external loader which will allow the ST link to load the code into the card. I need the

Eugenia Suarez
I have the following structs (from a library I'm using) with some fields and I would like to assign with OR operation a new value. But I'm debugging and I can't see how anything is writing there: typedef struct {   TIM_TypeDef             
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Everyone, How can I use cubeMX for SDcard ? I have generated for MDK but : this function doesn't work , from UM1721 User manual Developing Applications on STM32Cube with FatFs page 21. : uint32_t wbytes; /* File write counts */ uint8_t wtext[] = "text to write logical disk"; /* File write buffer */ if(FATFS_LinkDriver(&mynewdisk_Driver,