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Vishnudev  K
Is it possible to change the system memory ? What other than Dfuse, usart bootloaders , are there in system memory?     Is it possible to program a customer bootloader on system memory. I need to create bootloader that will read a file from usb and write it to flash. Please tell me how to do   Iam using STM32F429i disco

Hello evry body , i can write a byte on flash of stm32f429ZI WİTH success . for info i use nucleo 144 and sector 23 the last sector .   for example :   with these adresses  uint32_t locip1_adress=0x081E0001;//LAST sector for STM32429ZI sector 23 uint32_t locip2_adress=0x081E0002;//LAST sector for STM32429ZI sector 23 uint32_t
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Hi, I tested the example FDCAN_Com_IT. FDCAN configuration copied below.   When I transmit a frame from another board with the ID different from 0x111, the message is received in the "HAL_FDCAN_RxFifo0Callback" function anyway. I suppose that this configuration should only accept frames with the ID = 0x111.   I did verify