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Announcement 1 Technical issues known and still being investigated
Announcement:Technical issues known and still being investigated

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In the "STMicroelectronics Acquires Atollic" thread,  Laurent D wrote: You can expect better integration and more seamless ecosystem in 2018. To which I replied: And can we also expect better STM32 documentation and more  responsiveness on our questions here, or are you throwing all the money  on the cuboids and ecosystems?

Konstantinos Ifantidis
Hello there! I would like to ask what i'm doing wrong in activating the miniAP with my SPWF04SA. I've read SPWF04SA's datasheet, UM2114, AN4964 and most of "WiFi Training Hands on SPWF04SA module" pdf. I have 2-3 modules IDW04A1 and a couple NUCLEO-L053R8 boards. In the beginning i just grabbed a USB to Serial converter (FTDI) and used it to