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Bogdan Golab
Hi,   A piece of code from STM32CubeMX v4.25.0 and latest F1 drivers generated  for STM32VLDiscovery (the button is pulled-down by external resistor):   static void MX_GPIO_Init(void) {   LL_GPIO_InitTypeDef GPIO_InitStruct;     /* GPIO Ports Clock Enable */  

swaroop burre
Hi, I have been using STM32CUBEMX ide for building the code with Keil5 IDE. The issue or bug is the code is working fine when I am placing my code in the main function. But, when I create my own file or outside the main function in it is not affecting the main() function.  Here is the main function that is working. I have
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Clive One
Noticed some more odd behaviour overnight.   Gave some badges, dialog showed how values would debt, but points ended up much lower next morning.   Getting screwy display on the other side of the transaction, showing "0 points away from Einstein", not sure how I'm supposed to get there from here?  
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John Fitter
I am setting up a board that uses an STM32F103C8. It has an LED on PC13. I am running FreeRTOS and configuring with STMCubeMX. I am also enabling the LSE clock and RTC.   Using Cube MX I configure this and ensure that TAMPER is disabled/PC13 is GPIO and Output. I would therefore expect that PC13 (tamper pin) would behave as a GPIO and the
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Lukasz Przenioslo
Hello there, I am using an STM32L4 family MCU. In an application, the RTC peripheral is utilized and clocked from an external crystal: The problem I have noticed just now is that with time, the RTC timer looses sync. It is not easy to notice in short periods of time, but after leaving the application to log time for entire weekend, I noticed