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steval-esc001v1 with sdk 5.1.1

Question asked by aalerud.kyrre on Jul 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2018 by Dan Hepler

I find it a bit disappointing that there is no addon to sdk 5.1.1 for STEVAL-ESC001V1 and yet the board are still being sold. They are also being sold as RS485/UART/I2C/PWM platforms but the firmware does not handle I2C.


Modifying JSON databases in the new 5.1.1 install I was easily able to get the board listed in the motor profiler.

Copying the rest of the resources I was also able to get the profiler to program the firmware and connect to the board.

Profiling motors and saving these also work.


Importing the old STMCWB project asked to convert it to new format and I let it do so.

Exporting for IAR EWARM format also worked after installing Java and the latest CubeMX.

Building the new software worked and debugging it I find that somehow USART configuration is basing of wrong clock or somehow configuring wrong. Actual baud on tx from card shows it runs at 230400 baud when code sais 115200.

Motor profiler expects 115200 so modifying software to set 115200/2 worked and Profiler was able to interrogate card.


It still fails.


Debugging interrogation finds the MC_PROTOCOL_CODE_GET_REG of register MC_PROTOCOL_REG_SC_CHECK fails. Code appears to not have this part at all.

Searching through original code I find the entire section for motor profiling to have been removed by the import and regeneration of project via Motor Control Workbench.


Using the Monitor functionality instead I can see that the comms work and card is now running firmware revision "ST MC SDK Ver. 5.1.1". Further more I find the bus voltage to be "over voltage" and listed as 22.

It appears that gains or somehting for adc is now also mismatched.


It appears that building is now done for wrong mcu (ST STM32F302R8) while the chip on the STEVAL-ESC001V1 is STM32F303CBT7. I suspect there is multiple differences causing configuration errors.


This is as far as I have gotten so far, any insight would be of great value...