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STemWin library linking problem

Question asked by Jur Div on May 16, 2018
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I am trying to integrate STemWin graphic library into my project for STM32F7 discovery board, and cannot compile/link it correctly.
After writing (copying) a simple hello world example and including all necessary files and paths- i get following errors:

error: <path-to-cubePackage>/Middlewares/ST/STemWin/Lib/libSTemWin540_CM7_GCC_ARGB.a(FComic24B_ASCII.o)
uses VFP register arguments, <build-path>/firmware.elf does not

Referiing to stackoverflow it has something to do with compilation / linking flags and floating point unit. Since the library comes in prebuilt binary form, how can I know which compilation/linking flags to add to my program?

Where should I look, to figure out how STemWin library (part of stm32cubeF7 package) is compiled?
I am not using an OS, just stm32cube (HAL drivers / BSP). I "didn't touch" the library, except adding "lib-" prefix to the file for easier inclusion to my program.

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