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Need STM32 GPIO operate on 1.8v

Question asked by blue.andy on Aug 3, 2017
Latest reply on May 16, 2018 by Szymon Panecki

Hi, recently in a project I need the GPIOs on STM32 to operate on 1.8v logic level. By quickly looking through datasheets, it seems many of STM32 can do so, for example, to STM32F407VG, if provide 1.8v to VDD, it runs GPIO on 1.8v level. However, I have difficulty to make such changes on TM32F4Discovery board, as there is no 1.8v power source available on the board.


Now I have the question, which ST Discovery board or Nucleo board can support #1.8v GPIO easily? I want to try it out. I need the board support USB port as USB device, and run the GPIO on 1.8v, it would be better if it provides I2C slave interface on 1.8v also.


Thanks for your advice.