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Some community survey results to share

Discussion created by Brian Kling Employee on May 15, 2018
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In late March, we sent by email a survey to all community members who had logged in at least once since July 1, 2017. In that invitation we mentioned we would share some of the results with you - I am here today to give you some of that information. We really appreciate those of you that took time to provide feedback and believe me we are using that feedback internally on a number of strategic initiatives. You'll hear more about this in the coming months. 


Please note since this survey was only for members who have registered, it does not reflect the total visitors to the community and is of course a representative sample of those willing to participate in the survey. The vast majority of visitors to any community remain anonymous, browsing/consuming information without registering or participating. Also, ST employees were not part of the survey.


Now on to the results...


We had a total of 385 responses.



The age range shows our survey sample are older, 45% being 50 or above. This means we have some senior people with some years of experience, this is a good thing! This could also mean older people are more willing to answer surveys ;-)   As we add more programs in the future, we'll most likely see the lower range grow, time will tell.


What main role do you play when using ST products?

We can see quite a variety of roles here, across the spectrum from employee to consultant/entrepreneur/hobbyist.


What are the two main reasons you come to the community?

As we would expect, since our community is currently focused mainly on technical support, people want an answer to a question or to learn from reading about those questions/answers. Again, in future we'll be adding more ways to participate, and we'll likely see these responses evolve.


Qualitative Feedback

Based on your comments to open questions, there were some key insights:

  • No one complained about ST product quality or reliability, it was more about the experience around using our products, as you'll see below.
  • The main things you want:
    • More/better/faster answers/responses to questions in the community
    • More ST experts participating in the community
    • More learning & training
    • Better documentation
    • A more clear community user interface and more consistent platform stability
    • Bug/wish lists


I agree with your feedback; there are gaps and we're working to improve this. We are using this information and your voice to help influence and drive the evolution of our community. Again a heartfelt thank you from all of us at STMicroelectronics to those who were willing to take the time to tell us about yourself and what you think.


We'll do this survey on an annual basis and use the feedback as a guidepost to influence our community strategy and program evolution.


Oh and last but not least, I wanted to share that several survey respondents mentioned Clive Two.Zero specifically as a reason they come to the community. We appreciate his contributions and those of many others who are helping each other in our community!


Warm regards,


Brian Kling

Head of Community