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Question asked by TARHAN SAMAH on Feb 20, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2018 by Andrew Neil

 Hello evry body , i need to install ethernet in my project so im using the board nucleo stm32f429ZI , 


the repository ethernet example works good .:

RMII_REF_CLK ----------------------> PA1
RMII_MDIO -------------------------> PA2
RMII_MDC --------------------------> PC1
RMII_MII_CRS_DV -------------------> PA7
RMII_MII_RXD0 ---------------------> PC4
RMII_MII_RXD1 ---------------------> PC5
RMII_MII_RXER ---------------------> PG2
RMII_MII_TX_EN --------------------> PG11
RMII_MII_TXD0 ---------------------> PG13
RMII_MII_TXD1 ---------------------> PB13


now i need to create my project :

but when enabling the ethernet and ipwl in cube mx  RMII with PHY ADRESS 0 i dont enable any rtos or interrupt :


i dont get PG11 PG13 like the demo ???!!    BUT PB11 AND PB12.

because i create my project i guess it is one of the reasons that i dont detect my cart tftpd64 software or modbuspoll..


plz help needed