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Toggling GPIOs on STM32F205RGT6

Question asked by Jorge Troncoso on Feb 7, 2018
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We designed a new PCB for the STM32F205RGT6, but we’re having trouble toggling GPIOs using the chip.


We wrote a simple program that toggles a GPIO every 250ms, we confirmed that the code works on the NUCLEO-F207ZG evaluation board and the STM3220G-EVAL evaluation board, but when we port the code to our PCB it doesn’t work.


We know the code is running on the microcontroller soldered on our PCB and we know the MCU is reaching the critical section where it toggles the GPIO (because we were able to step through the code using gdb), however, for some reason we’re not seeing any change in voltage on the pin.


I attached the source code, the Makefile, and the linker script we’re using to this post. You can also check out our project on GitHub: stm32f2_libs/examples/gpio_ll at gpio_ll_cleanup · MITMotorsports/stm32f2_libs · GitHub


Any help would be much appreciated.