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STM32CubeMx size of generated code problem

Question asked by Serge Lopez on Dec 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2018 by Clive Two.Zero

I am wroking on a project  using two microcontrollers a STM32F412 and a STM32L011 (8K flash, 2k RAM) .The STM32L011 is used as RTC to manage the power comsumption of the STM32F412. 


I used STM32CubeMx to generate the code to set the peripherics  that I use within the L011 (I2C, RTC, RCC). The problem is the size of the generated code once compiled is bigger than the 8k available inside the flash of the L011.

I only compile the genretaded code without writting a line of code.!


How could be possible to get a bigger code than the place to stored it for a defined STM32?

I think I did something wrong but I can find what is wrong.

Someone could provide me any ideas to resolve this situation. (i can not change the micro)


You will find in attachment the .ioc file. The genrated code from STM32Cube Mx is trasnfered on  a Eclipse platform 

and is used GNU ARM tools.


.Thanks in advance for your help


Best regards