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Guidelines to develop STM32Cube Expansion Packages

Discussion created by Loic Chossat Employee on Jan 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2018 by Bogdan Golab

We have publically released development guidelines and a checklist on www.st.com for users willing to develop an STM32Cube Expansion Package.


These documents can be shared with 3rd parties or partners providing embedded software components for STM32, especially middleware stacks. As an add-on of #STM32Cube MCU Packages, STM32Cube Expansion Package can bring a new middleware stack, a new hardware support (BSP), a new example, or a mixture of these. Software components packaged in an STM32Cube Expansion Package are easier to integrate in an STM32Cube project than stand-alone components. The user can also seamlessly replace a middleware component natively delivered in an STM32Cube MCU Package with a 3rd-party equivalent. As an example, thanks to the use of CMSIS-RTOS abstraction layer in STM32Cube, the switch from FreeRTOS natively delivered in STM32Cube MCU Packages to Segger’s embOS is straightforward, using the I-CUBE-EMBOS.


The documents will soon be updated to reference a new BSP specification and to provide guidelines to integrate an STM32Cube Expansion Package in the STM32CubeMX configuration tool.