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Nucleo F767ZI + lwIP+ Cube MX issues

Question asked by Di Ci on Sep 29, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2017 by morgan.doug

Hi all,

i'm a new nucleo user and I start to play with the F767ZI. I will use the nucleo for send periodical http get request to a remote server, but till now i have some issues with the tools. I configure cube enabling ethernet (mii) and lwIP library. 

I configure on cube static ip and all network parameters, enable ICMP request and then put MX_LWIP_Process() in while loop. However i can't ping the board from pc and wireshark doesn't see anything.

All the examples provided by the repository are made without cube and try to export that examples is hard for me. Anyone could help me? For the first step i'm happy if i can ping the board from the pc.


Thanks in advance