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LIS2DE12 no interrupt and constant acceleration values

Question asked by Denis Thomas on Oct 9, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2017 by udhakumar udhayakumar

Firs of all thank you for your time.
I'm currently working with a LIS2DE12 for its great low power current but unfortunately I'm not able to get any useful information from the device. I tried to active an interrupt in the idea to check movement in any direction (i just want an interrupt if the device is moving). It doesn't work but worst when I read the register of the acceleration i have always the same values (exactly the same even when moving, reversed, ...). I guess I have made some mistakes in my configuration but I was not able to find where is the problem. 

Just below my pseudo-code. The I2C function are working correctly (I'm able to communcate with the LIS2DE12 )


write 0xC0 ACCEL_TEMP_CFG_REG // enable the measure of the temperature
write  0x57 CTRL_REG1 //  100Hz & activate all the axes
write 0x00 CTRL_REG2 // No filter
write 0x00 CTRL_REG3 // No specific interrupt
write 0x80  CTRL_REG4 // BDU activated for the temperature
write 0x08 CTRL_REG5 //  Latch interrupt
write 0x00 CTRL_REG6 // no INTERRUPT on int2
write 0b00101010 INT1_CFG // Interrupt OR when over threshold
write 0x16 INT1_THS  // Set the threshold
write 0x03 INT1_DURATION // Set the duration (small one)
write 0x00 FIFO_CTRL_REG  // bypass mode



check if data available ( read STATUS_REG_AUX) then


check if INT1 == 1 then
      LED = 1 // to be able to see the interruption


I hope that I respected the rules of this forum.
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