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    Need STM32L4 IOT Discovery Kit full Webinar access


      Participated in the webinar from the ST Microelectronics broadcasted emails. Invested most of the hour listening through the Milli Vanilli reborn presentation on how to use the AWS with the new STM32L4 IOT Discovery Kit. True to the original entertainers, the pre-recorded presentation faced technical difficulties and the stopped mid way. In the excitement of this webinar, ordered a few of the STM32L4 IOT kits. The host promised that the webinar in full would be made available to all participants which as of this writing has yet to surface.


      Where is the support with this product ? Is there any ? Without proper documentation or the FULL webinar, the IOT kit is of no value and should be avoided.


      ST office in Mississauga - no email address for contact. Phoned them to leave a message and the voice mail is full. Excellent support. Did we make a mistake in purchasing these tools ? Future is using their bat phone to access the same webinar but will see if it does materialize.  Given that a sub $2 USD ESP8266 can run AWS, competition is real.

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          Nesrine M

          Hi bhatia.kumar ,
          I will check this internally and come back to you soon..Sorry for the inconvenience it may bring. 


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            Thanks for your post Nesrine. Just received an email from ST with the requested details from this webinar. I think we are good to go and will post back if there are additional questions. Now we should at least be able to run some of the demos using IOT.

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                Gerardo - thank you for your post. Now that we have the full webinar details on your latest IOT module, we were able to create an AWS compatible widget using your demo in under 30 minutes. That was great and we performed the blue button on/off example over AWS along with the background sensor streaming to our Amazon account. Also ran the heartbeat monitor demo over BLE in a few minutes.


                Somewhat confused on why ST has so many variation of IOT solutions. From a quick review, some feature onboard ceramic antenna on the wifi modules you noted vs. CFL external. That is clear. Is it possible to create AWS compliant nodes using your smallest wifi module with 64K ram ?


                Wi-Fi - STMicroelectronics 


                Are there are step by step documents or videos to allow us to evaluate the SPWF01Sx and SPWF04Sx  modules using AWS ? We are very new to this arena but learning quickly and will keep reading. Your presenter (Michael Hess) in the webinar for the STM32L4 IOT Discovery Kit did an excellent job to simplify the process and ideally looking for a similar procedure to follow.


                So many questions on these IOT solutions like:

                a) the STM32L4 is the lower power version of your STM32F4 CPU so the STM32L4 solution will consume lower current ?

                b) the STM32L4 IOT Discovery Kit features your CPU but a 3rd party WIFI module - why ? Your new SPWF01Sx / SPWF04Sx modules with onboard CPU were not ready during this kit development ?


                We are very keen to evaluate your referenced SPWF01Sx / SPWF04Sx to test as multiple nodes using AWS but also see some raised related issues with this topic in the user forum. So far, we did not have any of these faults with your IOT Discovery kit and very pleased with the "PnP AWS" execution. Looking forward to any documentation or your feedback on what makes one IOT widget from ST different or better than another. While we will be reviewing the competition, very concerned about the current draw for such modules, the validity of the FCC/CE/international standards compliance, support from the vendor, stability of the firmware. There is a lot of chaos in the industry on this subject which can consume our valuable time to market.

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                    Gerardo Gallucci

                    Hi Kumar,
                    this thread was on a different topic. I try to give you an answer, where I can/know. If needed, moderators will move this into https://community.st.com/wifimodules forum.

                    ST offers different solutions, based on what is needed and what is evaluated as suitable for a particular scenaio.
                    Comparing ST module vs that module, you will find features that are only covered by ST (main important, imho, are: WPS and WPA-Enterprice @ radio layer, and high level protocols on top of TCP/IP. One for all: MQTT). I assume, since all the stack into IoT Discovery is runnign on STM32L4, ST module was evaluated as not suitable for this kind of scenario. Probably a simple bridge serial2WiFi was enough. This is my hypothesis. I think PCB antenna vs Ceramic antenna was not something evaluated as important for comparison, even if ST offers an high efficiency antenna (for sure better than a PCB antenna). However, in both cases, there is an STM32F4.
                    Low profile SPWF01S is able to connect to AWS too, also with a basic STM32F1 and only 64KB RAM (dynamic management allows it). TLS stack integration, and related handshake, was a challenge, but we won it! No problems with higher level SPWF04S.
                    SPWF01S is on mass market since 2014 (current release version is 3.5.3), SPWF04S is on mass market since 3 months ago (FW1.0.0). SPWF04S is AWS ready since t0 (*); SPWF01S had some updates in a world spinning faster and faster. Since RAM is limited on SPWF01S, every little change on server side can impact usage on module's side; so, we continue offering updates when something new is detected. A few examples on SPWF01S: update for big DNS replies, update for non-ASCII characters, update for virtual servers (on the way), etc. This is our quality management and customers support. Customer first, always.
                    What is already available about videos/SW/documentation with SPWF01 and AWS can be found into ODE (Open Development Environment) ecosystem. There are function packs allowing cloud connectivity to Microsoft Azure, IBM Watson, and Amazon AWS too. I think "STM32 ODE Function Packs" on st.com website is a good reference. Every pack uses an STM32 Nucleo board, plus a set of X-Nucleo shields. SPWF04S will join the ODE ecosystem very soon.


                    Probably I did not reply to all of your questions, but I hope this is a good starting point for you.


                    Best regards
                    jerry (an ST Wi-Fighter)


                    EDIT: (*) just be sure to use RSA-based certificates. Elliptic curves (ECC) are on the way. Coming soon.

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                  Mark Catchpole


                  Please can I get access to the AWS webinar too?