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UART Framing Error on STM32F1

Question asked by blake.tony on May 19, 2017
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I have an STM32F1 and am running the UART printf example from the standard peripheral library. I've modified the code to allow me to use USART3 (I'm using a custom pcba and only USART3 is wired to a connector mounted on the board). I've connected USART3 to a serial terminal on my computer (RealTerm) using an FTDI USB-UART converter. I am successfully receiving data from the UART but the data is incorrect and the terminal complains of a framing error. I am transmitting a single character 'T' but am receiving unknown data:


I am convinced that there is a problem in my code, most likely in how I have configured USART3, but am not sure where. I have checked that my baud rate etc is good in both the code, cable and terminal.


Can anyone help me with this? What is the most likely reason I am not receiving the correct data?