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How to activate Compensation Cell on STM32F765?

Question asked by Gahlen Feld on May 17, 2017
Latest reply on May 17, 2017 by Gahlen Feld

Hallo, on my NUCLEO board with a STM32F765ZI MCU I want to activate the compensation cell.

I can do this via

* HAL_EnableCompensationCell();

* LL_SYSCFG_EnableCompensationCell();

* oder manually via



All methods will only set bit#0 in SYSCFG->CMPCR.

After setting Bit#0 I should be able to see this bit as set, and - after a while - I should also see bit#8 as set, which signals that the compensation cell is ready... but...

when I read SYSCFG->CMPCR I ALWAYS get 0.

I am waiting for bit#8 to be 1 in a while loop, so this while loop is infinite.

I checked the assembly code and it is right! Bit#0 is set but the MCU will not show that even this bit is set (and therefore bit#8 is also 0)...


What is the right procedure to activate the compensation cell?

Is there a hardware error in the STM32F765ZI MCU?


Thank you in advance!