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Document created by Artur I Employee on Jun 5, 2018
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Dear ST Friends,


Let me invite you to have a look at our free online training offer which we have prepared for second half of 2018. Most of the sessions are dedicated to stm32 and have set of exercises guided step by step.

Please click on the session title to go to dedicated page with more information.



Session namedurationdescription
STM32CubeMX & CubeHAL basics8hComplete overview of stm32cubemx and stm32f4  cube hal library
STM32L4 hands-on workshop5h 30minIntroduction to STM32L4 MCU family line with low power modes analysis and creation of fancy Audio Player application step by step
Getting familiar with STM32L4 in hands-on sessions9h 30minPeripheral by peripheral guide across STM32L4 MCU with series of hands on exercises using STM32L4 HAL library and Eclipse based toolchain (sw4stm32)
Ultra Low Power STM32 extras1hAn additional information about stm32l4 MCU family line with an usage of external smps to further lower power consumption
Basic of security in STM321hIntroduction to STM32 safety features and security with hands on sessions
STM32F7 hands-on workshop3h 20minIntroduction to stm32f7 family with various hands on sessions including dsp exercise and step by step oscilloscope implementation
LoRa workshop3h 30minIntroduction to lorawan and sigfox implementations with hands on sessions
Graphics with STM32 (landing page in attached catalogue 4hAn overview of STM32 based graphics application creation using STemWin library, ST free toolchain and STM32F469I microcontroller (stm32f469i-disco board)
NFC online course with hands-on exercises4hIntroduction to nfc solutions with hands on sessions using stm32l0 platform
STM32 in Application Programming with NFC ST25 Dynamic tag1hDemonstration of various data transfers to STM32 devices via NFC (st25) chips 

If you are interested in participation in any of above sessions please:

- In case you have ST-Udemy access already -> go directly on ST-Udemy site and select desired session

- in case you have not used before ST-Udemy portal -> please send us an email.


More information about each session with links to access them you can find in attached training catalogue.


Thank you in advance,

Best Regards,


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