FAQ: How to detect activity of LIS2DW12 sensor

Document created by Central Support Employee on Jun 27, 2018
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We are planning to replace a MEMS accelerometer from ADXL350 to the ST LIS2DW12 sensor.

With the ADXL we are using the activity features, which allow us to set a certain acceleration threshold for all 3 axes and then an interrupt is generated when this threshold is exceeded.

Can you please explain how this can be achieved with the LIS2DW12 sensor? Unfortunately there is not a feature like the "activity" provided by the ADXL.

The only feature I could see is the wakeup threshold, but this means we have to put the sensor in sleep; this is not desired, because we also have to read out the acceleration value meanwhile.




You can find the description of Activity/Inactivity Recognition feature in section 5.7 on page 34 in AN5038 on ST.COM (also attached).


But I think you should also consider to u to use Wake-up feature that means you can wake-up the MCU when movement is detected by the LIS2DW12 device.

Please see section 5.4 “Wake-up interrupt” in AN5038 for further information.



(extracted from ST OLS Support Database)