FAQ on Teseo III

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Q) Where can I find information on Teseo III solution?

A) All the information are available on-line @ st.com


Q) Which constellations are supported on Teseo III?

A) Teseo III supports GPS, Glonass, Galileo, BeiDou and QZSS


Q) Does Teseo III support Assisted GNSS?

A) Yes. It does. Teseo III supports three Assisted GNSS: ST-AGNSS (no internet connection needed), Predictive AGNSS (internet connection needed) and RealTime-AGNSS (internet connection needed)


Q) Does Teseo IIIsupport Raw Measurement data?

A) Yes it does. With the carrier phase binary image firmware Teseo III supports Raw Measurement data


Q) Is there an evaluation board?

A) Yes. There is the EVB-T3 evaluation board, which hosts an STA8090FG. Have a look @ EVB-T3


Q) Is there a prototyping board?

A) No. There is no prototyping board.


Q) Is there an evaluation software PC tool?

A) Yes. There is the Teseo-Suite PC tool. Have a look @ Teseo-Suite


Q) Can the Teseo III be re-programmed?

A) Yes, it can. Teseo III supports firmware programming in the production line and firmware update on the field.


Q) Can the Teseo III host customer-application/code?

A) Yes it can. There is SDK available on Teseo III. There are Teseo III open platform able to host customer-application/code. 


Q) Should I write Teseo III driver from scratch?

A) No you shouldn't. ST provides ready-to-be-used STM32 driver (as binary and C-Code). They are available @ X-Cube-GNSS1


Q) How many firmware does ST provide on Teseo III?

A) ST provides three different firmware on Teseo III:

  1. the standard binary image which provides standard GNSS capability
  2. the carrier phase binary image which adds raw measurement data to the standard binary image
  3. Teseo-DRAW which supports Dead Reckoning on Teseo III with the supported MEMS sensors.
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