NUCLEO F429ZI beginner tutorial

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 The objective is to build a little weather station (temperature, atmospheric pressure). The data will be searchable via the Ethernet port. (Web page server).

In addition, you will learn about NUCLEO STMicroelectronics board while using the I²C protocol and Ethernet frame analysis.

Nucleo F429ZI

Progress : The project is complete and ready to go

Difficulty : Easy

License : BY SA


Nucleo F429ZI Tutorial

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Summary and Hardware components :


1 NUCLEO STM32 cards

Discover NUCLEO boards.

IDE ARDUINO installation.

2 NUCLEO programming

Get started with NUCLEO F429ZI card

Leds and keys board control

3 MEMS et I²C sensors

MEMS X-NUCLEO-IKS01A2 structural analysis

LPS22HB temperature ans pressure sensor implementation

I²C analysis

4 Ethernet and WEB server

Static IP and DHCP

Weather datas access(TELNET) and Wireshark analysis

WEB server


I2C analysis


Web server

Software Tools :

Arduino IDE



Ethernet Library :




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