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          The goal of the Connected Greenhouses project is to enhance the productivity of an organic farm. The Jardins du Coteau farm need the setting up of a sensor network in order to collect data from its greenhouses. This farm is situated in Saint-Cassien, a neighbouring town of Grenoble, near Voiron. This farm being organic, the market gardening is not as easy as an industrial and high-yield farming. Without synthesized chemicals, the condition to grow plants is very important. Also, the water flow is favoured by the ground of the farm and so, needs a permanent monitoring. As well, crops need some condition of temperature and moisture to grow.

         They want a network of sensors in order to know the state of each greenhouse easily. It will surely enhance their productivity and of course, facilitate the job of farmers. They don't want to lose time any more on useless things.

         Our mission consist in equipping the greenhouses of the farm with temperature and moisture sensor. In order to simplify and centralize the reading of these data, a delivery to the house of the owner will be set up. Indeed, several boards will be placed at several places in the greenhouses and a central gateway will collect them.

         Of course, some obligations that will be explained later, are brought by the project.


Team members

The team is composed of 2 Polytech Grenoble sectors. The first sector, Materials:

  • Johann Raillard and Damien Massardier in the 3rd year
  • Sami Guehis and Justine Dobies in the 4th year

The second sector, Computing and Electronics of Embedded Systems:

  • Charles Blanchard, Justin Ruaux and Théo Guiguitant in 3rd year
  • Nicolas Kieger and Corentin Derey  in 4th year



STM32 Nucleo board LR073RZ

LoRa Plug-in I-NUCLEO-SX1272D

Extension bard X-NUCLEO-IKS01A1

Thermometer / Moisture meter SHT10

LoRa Picocell Gateway


Problem exposure


          The farm is in charge of Mrs Hibon, her husband who work for the company E2V Semiconductors, raised the requests of the project. His requests bellows:

  • The farm is influenced by the weather, in other word, temperature moisture.
  • The worm effect could come out here. With Mismanagement of the environment, the temperature could rise to 60 °C
  •  Room humidity management is managed through opening or closing the windows in the greenhouse, mainly at the sides and at the ends (which also help to lower the temperature).
  • To control the soil moisture, it could be limit the water intake in the greenhouse and on the ground. This is to limit water consumption, but also prevent the development of diseases on plants.
  • It is more important to mesure the moisture under the film.
  • The greenhouse is in cultivation around 10 months per year, including in winter. Snow accumulations on the outside can obstruct the entrances. This system should work all over the year.



Technical requirements:


            The goal of this project is to provide a system to mesure le temperature, humidity or other data. The data need to be transformed through internet.


            The box of the system should be waterproof and dampproof, it can’t while people working in the field. The system should be desigh for working between -10 °C to 80 °C. For the accuracy,the precision of temperature could be 1 ° C, while that of moisture is ± 5%.


The measures must be enable to take the data regularly and continuously.

The system must provide serial data below:
- Ambient temperature
- Ambient humidity
- Moisture of the soil.
- Periodicity: 1 measurement every 10 minutes minimum.
This measurement must be carried out on at least 2 points per greenhouse (3 is better) and on a maximum of 7 greenhouses.