FAQ: License key for DfuSe USB device firmware upgrade

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I use DfuSe utility (STSW-STM32080) for firmware update through USB.

In the User Manual UM0392 included in DfuSe SW package (see DfuSe utility installation folder, DfuSe v3.0.5\Bin\Doc), paragraph 2.4.1 states the following:

"To prevent software piracy, STMicroelectronics has implemented a licence key mechanism for the Tube driver. This mechanism is based on the Vendor ID and the Product ID(s),
extracted from the device(s). Contact your nearest sales office and give your Vendor ID and Product ID(s). In return you will get licence key(s), made up of 16 letters."


How should I proceed to obtain these keys?



You should just post a request on the STMicroelectronics online support with the following fields:

  • Request Type: Technical
  • Subject: DfuSE license key request
  • Product tree: Microcontrollers / STM32 32-bits ARM Cortex MCUs / <your selected STM32 family>
  • And adding in Description box,
    1. Your name
    2. Your Location
    3. Your USB VendorID and associated Product ID(s)


We will provide you the license key associated to each VendorID/ProductID pairs.

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