wirebed os : event driven state machine RTOS for STM32CubeMX

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About this project

Signals and slots are used for communication between objects in Qt. Events can be received and handled in objects. These mechanisms are central features for QT.

Now we have features used in stm32, especially match with STM32CubeMx.

* signal/slot connection between tasks
* event driven in task internal
* gui configure for task parameter

* preeptive background service

* semaphore, queue,ring bufer for communication between ISR, task and service.






Project info

Type :        IDE tool for STM32CubeMx

Progress : preview version

Difficulty :  Advanced 

License :   Free for personal non commerical use.


The Team :

Who made this ?


Contribution to the project



Things used in this project


Hardware components :

All MCUs and Boards supported by STM32CubeMX

Hand tools and fabrication machines :

Jlink Debugger

Software Tools :


GNU Make

GNU GCC for arm

Jlink gdb server

QT 4.8.4 LGPL



It' used for rapid develop firmware. It's based on run-to-complete task. 


Wirebed is a graphical programming tools for embedded processor written in C++ using Qt the graphical Toolkit.

Wirebed tools generate the C99 code accroging to the wires between tasks, finite state machines.

Drawing, Editing and Printing of tasks diagrams
Drawing, Editing and Printing of states diagrams
serial monitor for the state status
task diagram export (SVG and PNG format)
finite state machines diagram export (SVG and PNG format)
C99 source code build and debug.