How to run&debug from RAM without flashing flash STM32 devices (Keil)

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If you would like to debug&run program without flashing the device you can follow this procedure:

In this solution, You don't need to Configure the boot pin. not matter what Boot1, Boot0 are, It just works


step 1. Project->Options for Target STM32...->Target

target set

ROM is from 0x2000 0000 - 0x2000 4000 (16KB)

IRAM is from 0x2000 4000 -0x2000 8000 (16KB)

The exact value of ROM and RAM depend on your application.


step 2. Project->Options for Target STM32...->C/C++

-add the VECT_TAB_SRAM to the define field

-optionally you can change the Optimization to O0 or O1 when you want to avoid optimization at O3 level (this helps debugging code)


step 3. Project->Options for Target STM32...->Linker

-make sure the Use Memory Layout from Target Dialog is checked.


step 4. Project->Options for Target STM32...->Debug

-Copy the boot_ram.ini file to the project folder (e.g. C:\Users\..\MDK-ARM)

-select the boot_ram.ini as initialization file

-go to settings

make sure the value high lighted in green is exactly same as step 2 we have made.


Up until now, you are done!

To test it work or not, build the project then press Ctrl + F5.



Here is the boot_ram.ini file.

add the code below and save as boot_ram.ini file.


Setup() configure PC & SP for RAM Boot
FUNC void Setup (void) {
SP = _RDWORD(0x20000000); // Setup Stack Pointer
PC = _RDWORD(0x20000004); // Setup Program Counter

_WDWORD(0xE000ED08, 0x20000000);   //  Setup Vector Table Offset Register Bit 29 to one indicate that Vector Table is in SRAM region



FUNC void OnResetExec (void) { // executes upon software RESET without re-enter the Debug mode
Setup(); // Setup for Running


Setup(); // Setup for Running


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