Robots powered by stm32 for Students Robotic Contest

Version 6

    Designed and implemented by Insat students and powered by STM32 SoC, This robot is the result of months of hard work in preparation for the international contest Eurobot 2017.


    Students Team: 

    Kacem Khaled 

    Maher Merzougui

    Abdessalem  Haythem 

    Ali Nèji

    dhafer ben chikha 

    Omar Makni

    Semah AISSAOUI

    Ady Taghouti
    Team website :
    PS: The team is being invited to particpate in the SwissEurobot 2017 contest, for more informations:

    ideos :

    these 2 videos presenting one of the 2 robots of the contest :