Tutorial : How to configure SPC5Studio with HighTec Power Architecture Development Platform

Version 1

    if you have installed HighTec Power Architecture Development Platform with a floating license :

    Here are the steps to configure SPC5Studio


    STEP 1:

    In SPC5Studio Windows==> Preferences, go in C/C++==>Build==>Environment

    (Cf Screenshot)



    STEP 2:


    Add in the PATH (at the beginning of the String) ..

    WARNING : do not remove the next strings which GnuTools PATH and the others Free GCC PATH

    (License Manager bin) c:\HIGHTEC\licensemanager\

    (TOOLCHAIN) c:\HIGHTEC\toolchains\powerpc\v4.6.5.0\bin\

    separate by ;


    APPLY ==> OK

    Restart SPC5Studio


    STEP 3:

    Copy your license file (floating license) in c:\SPC5Studio\licenses


    STEP 4:

    in the Platform Component of your application ,

    Choose the Compiler Variant Hightec GCC v4.6.3 (Save, Generate and build)



    the compilation should be ok with your floating license


          Best regards