Let's make our STM32 forum more efficient!

Version 1

    Hi ! STM32 MCUs forum members ,

    When we ask question we are normally waiting for support ,for guidelines or for help..., and when we answer a question, we are waiting for feedback: helpful or not, correct or not...

    Our STM32 community gives to you the possibility when asking a question to mark one response as Correct, any response as helpful or simply like it:

    • Why :
      • A way to say thank you and to provide acknowledgement to the person who try to help us.
      • Threads that receive correct and helpful responses are pushed up in search results  which may help other users who have the same/a similar question.
      • Minimize the duplication of subject treating the same issue already solved.
      • Give more value to the content, earn points and allow the post originator to earn points as well. SeeHow Do I Earn Points in the Community
      • ...


    • How 
      • Press  the Mark Correct  button if you assume that the given answer is correct and solve your issue,
      • Mark the response as Helpful (Yes/No) to express how much you appreciate it,
      • Also you can use the Like button.