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 About this project

Small Python script for converting GPDSC project description files generated by CubeMX software to QBS projects for using with ARMGCC compiler


Project info

Type : python script

Progress : project is ready to use

Difficulty : Easy

License : GNU GPL

The Team :

Ivan Loboda


ivandzen · GitHub 

ex : lobodets

Software Tools :

CubeMX python2.7 QtCreator



A several years ago I started using QtCreator as my everyday IDE for C/C++ applications development. There's so much features and possibilities that I used to work with in QtCreator so when I began to plunge in STM32 microcontrollers world the first question I was asked : "Is it possible to stay in habitual IDE and use all of advantages of a single environment for embedded and PC software development?" Then I found out a new build system for QtCreator - the QBS (Qt Build Suite). QBS (opposite to standard qmake) is able to build projects for wide range of target hardware and is not tied to Qt itself. The first experiments with QBS for building STM32 embedded applications took a long time to understand details of project and hardware configuration. Thanks to CubeMX I solved  the second type of problems (hardware configuration) but I still spent time for writing QBS scripts. The final decision for me was this small python script that parses GPDSC files generated by CubeMX and converts it to QBS project scripts that can be load to QtCreator IDE at once. 

I hope the results of my work will be useful for people who want to use QtCreator IDE for embedded development and will help the newcomers to deal with complexity and power of STM32 microcontrollers.


P.S. Sorry for possible mistakes in text but English is not my native language.


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