Yet another operating system for IoT devices

Version 2


    About this project

    yaos is an embedded operating system for IoT devices. It is designed for energy efficiency and hardware independent development.



    Project info

    Type : Operating System

    Progress : In progress

    Difficulty : Intermediate

    License : Apache 2.0

    Code Repository : GitHub - onkwon/yaos: Operating System for Internet of Things(IoT) devices 

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    Who made this ?

    Kyunghwan KwonDevelop kernel

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    It provides the system call interface entering privileged mode as a user task runs in user(unprivileged) mode.


    Two types of task are handled: normal and real time tasks. Round-robin scheduler for normal tasks while priority scheduler for real time tasks. Each task is given a priority which can be dynamically changed. For a real time task a higher priority task always preempts lower priority tasks while the same priority tasks take place in turn under round-robin scheduling.


    The concept of virtual file system is implemented. The embedded flash in SoC can be mounted as the root file system while a ramfs is mounted as a devfs for a device node.


    And there are some more features. Please check it out. Any feedback on improvements, suggestion, or whatever would be appreciated.