FAQ: two different IPS160H pinouts found

Version 1
    I am using this IPS160H switch as a power switch input to DC/DC converters. But now I am confused to see a discrepancy between the data sheet and the STEVAL-IFP028V1 evaluation board
    schematics how to power the chip (Vcc).
    a) In IPS160H datasheet it says that pins 1 and 12 should be connected to Vcc:


    b) But in schematic diagram of STEVAL-IFP028V1 Evaluation Board (see AN4781 attached) pins 1 and 12 not connected:


    So my question is: Which of above pin connection diagram is correct?


    Both diagrams a) and b) are correct because pins 1 and 12 are internally shorted with the dedicated copper area connecting the exposed pad of the PSSO12 package (pin 13, "TAB") which is acting as a heat sink. When you look at full schematic diagram of STEVAL-IFP028V1 you will notice that pin 13 is connected to Vcc. Consequently, also pins 1 and 12 are connected to Vcc. This allows flexible board layout development according to specific requirements of target system.
    (extracted from ST Online Support)