FAQ: M24M02 - read and write times

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I am working with M24M02 and I measured that the read time is 50% longer than the write time. Is it normal ? In fact, I was expecting that it will take 10ms to write a page, is it longer or shorter to read a complete page ?



Please review tables 13 and 14 in M24M02 datasheet.


Write time is the same whatever the number of bytes. Write time is announced in datasheet at 10ms max but surely around 6.5ms in typical.

The read time depends on the number of bytes read and depends above all of the frequency of the master. Faster the master frequency, faster the slave read out.
Ex: For read one page (I do not count the 4 bytes instructions & address) : 256 bytes read means 256 x 8 bits eq to 2018 bits .At 1Mhz it means 2048*0.000001 = 0.002048s (so 2ms).
The M24M01 is
capable to run at 1MHz .