BigClown home automation: open and secure

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You can build your own home automation with BigClown


BigClown modules and tags

Opensource Hardware

About BigClown Core Module

We have designed many open source electronic modules and tags. With them you can build your home automation. You can simply build wireless sensors modules, control lights, home devices and connect them to your network or, if you want, to the IoT with Raspberry Pi, MQTT or Blynk.

We prepared "Workroom project" which demonstrates use of the modules to control of RGBW LED strip with a remote unit with temperature and humidity measurement.

Another fun project is a Tweeting Doorbell which tweets you that you have a visitors.


We have worked hard to make your life easier:

- Our firmware SDK is simple, well documented and runs on on Linux, Windows and macOS

- We have prepared binary image for Raspberry Pi, just download and copy.

- Generated API reference from sourcecode

- Instructions how to implement Node Red rules



Project info

Visit our BigClown website for more information.

Watch us on BigClown (@BigClownLabs) | Twitter 

All hardware and software is open source and available on our GitHub.
We have also prepared documentation with video tutorials.
Watch this intro video and other videos on BigClown Labs s.r.o. - YouTube 

The Team :

We want to get people crazy about electronics again. Everyone in our team believes, that every individual is, with some help, capable of building their own home automation system. Just to have a little easier life, to have a bit of fun or to please their family, work colleagues or friends.

Things used in this project

Hardware components :

Core module with STM32F083CZ processor and SPIRIT1 radio


The key element of every node including processing power and wireless subsystem. 


Its most important components are ARM microcontroller and 868 MHz radio module. 

Combination of these features, integrated security chip, temperature sensor and accelerometer makes this an unrivaled solution for today’s connected home automation nodes.

Hardware resources

Core Module | BigClown Shop 


This module allows to connect 5 V DC wall adapter via a standard 2.1 mm power jack socket. 


With this module a BigClown node can be powered using its integrated LDO which generates 3.3 V output from a 5 V input.

Another feature is a high-current relay (230 V AC / 16 A).

You can directly connect (via a 3-terminal block) a programmable RGB(W) LED strip with 5V interface. Hardware resources

Power Module – BigClown Shop 

The Battery Module is designed as a power supply source for battery-operated nodes.


Using a low-power buck converter provides excellent efficiency and long battery lifetime from four AAA 1.5V Alkaline cells.

Another useful feature is a prototyping area for soldering your own circuits. 

Hardware resources

Battery Module | BigClown Shop 


Software Tools :

GCC compiler, Atollic TrueStudio.



Schematics and circuit diagrams

   GitHub - bigclownlabs/bc-hardware: Hardware - Design & Outputs 

CAD - Enclosures and custom parts

   Enclosures – BigClown Shop