How Do I Earn Points in the Community

Version 2

    The new platform allows us to set point values for certain actions in the community.

    We want to recognize and reward those of you who are creating helpful content and helping other members. We also want to incentivize everyone to participate, to share projects, and to contribute their knowledge.

    If you've got a question, don't be shy about asking - you'll earn points for your engagement!

    If you do some clean up - add tags to posts, mark things as outdated, edit spacing errors from migration, etc., you'll earn points as well.


    Below is a breakdown of the actions and their point values:


    10 Points

    Your answer was marked as correct

    Have your reply marked as decision


    5 Points

    Create a piece of content

    Your content was marked as helpful

    Marked something as a decision

    Mark a piece of content as outdated

    Mark a persons answer as correct


    4 Points

    Create an event


    3 Points

    Follow another user

    Have someone follow you

    Have someone like something you posted

    Reply to a discussion





    1 Points


    Attend an event 


    In addition to all these ongoing activities, we are going to start creating quests around certain actions you could take. Right now, we just have the on boarding one - an easy way to snag 100 points. When new quests are available, we'll post to let you know!