Things to do when posting in the Community

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There are a number of ways you can help get your questions answered on this community. Please try to adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Do use the Search function to see if your question has already been answered. 
  2. Do add the most appropriate category to your question.
  3. Don't crosspost the same question to multiple categories or spaces. 
  4. Don't use all-caps or unnecessary punctuation in your post title. Choose a title that is descriptive of the issue you are seeing. Good titles will help Community members as they scan the forums looking for topics that are interesting to them. Bad titles--titles that make no sense, titles that that claim to be "Urgent!", or titles in all-caps--are avoided like the plague.
  5. Do post as much information about your problem as possible. Be specific about what you are trying to do. Stating problems such as "I have lots of install problems, please help!" is difficult to respond to.
  6. Do provide specific information like the exact product part number you're using, the software file and its version, the board part number...
  7. Do your homework. The Community likes to help people who have shown they have done at least some initial investigation into the problem. Search the community before posting. Tell us what you've tried so far. What resources have you leveraged? Where have you looked? 
  8. Do be patient! ST engineers, partners and other community members are all very busy people and are often helping out in their spare time. "Bumping" a topic after 24 hours will not help you get an answer and, in fact, may prevent you getting an answer as it looks as though somebody has replied.
  9. Don't send Private Messages or direct email asking questions, or asking for your topic to be answered quicker.
  10. Do update your profile and your signature. Tell us a bit about yourself like who you work for and where you are located. That way, you're more than just a username. Build a rapport with your fellow community members.
  11. Do be respectful and courteous in your posts. We all get frustrated sometimes, but profanity, abusive language, and generally negative comments won't get you any answers, and will not be tolerated.
  12. Finally, please try to find unanswered questions from other community members and help answer them yourself. These forums can only work if people help each other.