WAND - Wireless Auto Note Device

Version 11

    About this project :

    WAND stands for Wireless Auto Note Device. And first version of WAND is an invisible drum, with a stick you can play the sound of the real drum. And this is a small and convenient toy for everyone.

    For the future works, WAND can be illustrated as a device that is used for education or presentation tool. With the form of a laser pointer, teachers or presenters can use it to introduce their slides and also note, highlight or draw directly on the presentation area. Basically, to do those things, beside the hardware, WAND need a computer software that run at the same time with slideshow software (powerpoint …). Any note that are created by WAND need to be display on top of screen and save on a clone file.




    Project info

    Type : WAND can be illustrated as a device that is used for education or presentation tool

    Progress :  my project is completed for first version. I still have work to do

    Difficulty : Easy

    License : UIT license

    Upgrade : reducing floating and drifting


    The Team :


    Bui Anh Khoa

    Alogrithm & Final System connecting and processingEmail: fxanhkhoa@gmail.com

    Nguyen Manh Thao

    Bluetooth paring and data collecting for androidEmail: 14520853@gm.uit.edu.vn

    Le Chau Ngan

    Android app interface & data processing to soundsEmail: 14520574@gm.uit.edu.vn

    Dao Thanh Hai

    Bluetooth IDB05A1 board processingEmail: thanhhai.ittalk@gmail.com

    Nguyen Hoai Phong

    Stick desgin and set up hardware

    Email: 14520670@gm.uit.edu.vn

    Bui Huy Hung

    MPU6050 & HMC5883L proccesing

    Email: 14520331@gm.uit.edu.vn

    Ho Mai Kim Chi

    MPU6050 & HMC5883L proccesing

    Email: chimaikim.5495@gmail.com

    Nguyen Thanh Hien

    Drum Sounds finding

    Email: 14520271@gm.uit.edu.vn

    Ta Thoai An

    Drum Sounds finding

    Email: 14520082@gm.uit.edu.vn

    Trinh Le Huy

    Team mentorEmail: huytl@uit.edu.vn

    Phan Dinh Duy

    Team mentorEmail: duypd@uit.edu.vn



    Things used in this project


    Hardware components :

    ST Nucleo Board1
    MPU9150 (other choice)1this MPU9150 works better with smaller drifting

    Hand tools and fabrication machines :

    - Small and long wire (the smaller, the better)
    - 3d printer

    Software Tools :


    St-link ultilities 



    One day, our team gather in a room for daily meeting, but it is pretty boring, so we come up with an idea. That is this drum with small space consuming.



    - Attached files : WAND project - Google Drive 



    Schematics and circuit diagrams

    • The connection board
    • Link existing repository 

        WAND project - Google Drive 

    CAD - Enclosures and custom parts


    • Attach file: 3 file Front, Back, Middle stick
    • Link existing repository

     WAND project - Google Drive