FAQ: External trigger for injected ADC conversion of SPC56EL70L5

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I am using SPC56EL70L5 and would like to perform continued scanning and trigger a conversion in parallel. As it is not possible in CTU mode, the external trigger need to start injected conversion. I have found bit JTRGEN is available, but I did not find any mentioning where it is connected or any multiplexer for configuration. Is it connected to CTU, so even if CTUEN is disabled the output trigger signals could trigger injected conversion?



An external signal can start injected conversions using the eTimer_1.CH5 (internally connected to the ADC) in PULSE-OUTPUT Mode. If the counter is setup for CNTMODE = 001, with the OFLAG OUTMODE set to ‘11111’ (gated clock output) and the ONCE bit not set, the counter will output a pulse stream of pulses that has the same frequency of the selected clock source. The selected clock source can be an external signal, for example, on the eTimer_1.CH1 OFLAG and the output of this channel is used as input for eTimer_1.CH5