• [STM8S001J3] First STM8 MCU in 8-pin package: introduction

    Dear STM8 Community,   This is a very exciting moment for all of us. STM8 MCUs family was extended with a new device, which is named STM8S001J3. This new family member reshapes STM8 portoflio and takes ...
    Szymon Panecki
    created by Szymon Panecki
  • STM32F030CC not work

    Hi all, I've just a working code running on the uC STM32F030TCT6/STM32F072C8T6, now I'm trying to run this code on the STM32F030CC but does not start... The boot pin is grounded. I see that this uC has 32K SRAM but I...
    lorenzo meneghello
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  • IDW01M1 (SPWF01SA) Hands-on training issues

    Hello everyone! I'm new here and this is my firt question. I've been trying for a while to use the X-NUCLEO-IDW01M1, with poor success: I can't even build the example projects in the X-CUBE-WIFI1 software expansion pa...
    Luca Sivoccia
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  • Does is SDCC the DCE optimisation?

    Hello anyone,   When compiling a program including Standard Peripheral Library in the output *.elf file, all unused modules was included. Does is SDCC the dead code elimination optimization and how to activate i...
    Vyacheslav Azarov
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  • STM32H7 CubeMX FatFs + uSD + DMA + RTOS Success

    I have finally succeeded in replicating the functionality of the FatFs project for FatFs + uSD + DMA + RTOS in STM32Cube\Repository\STM32Cube_FW_H7_V1.2.0\Projects\STM32H743I_EVAL\Applications\FatFs\FatFs_uSD_DMA_RTOS...
    created by greenwood.greg
  • Sensetile (STEVAL-STLKT01V1) -- How to configure (modify the setup of) acc, gyro and mag and interpret the collected data from these sensor

    I  am working with the datalog application of the sensortile evaluation kit.  I can see the data collected from the  the acc (LSM303AGR), gyro(LSM6DSM), and mag(LSM303AGR).  I have read the data sh...
    jin lu
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  • STM32F072: issue changing PWM period and pulse

    Hello, in my project, I'm using a STM32F071RB MCU to generate a PWM signal. I'm using TIM2, CHANNEL3.   The PWM signal is working as expected, unless for the first period where the behavior seems to be related...
    Filippo Spalla
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  • How to use LTDC on ST32F767ZI to connect to LVDS interface on TFT-LCD display with touchscreen?

    I'm a beginner; i want to use STM32F767ZI board to connect it to an TFT-LCD 10,1" display with capacitive touchscreen like this https://www.mouser.it/ProductDetail/Newhaven-Display/NHD-101-1024600AF-LSXV-CTP?qs=%2fha2...
    Andrea Dall'Era
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  • STM32H7 BSRR trap

    The HAL definition for the F7 has one 32-bit register for the GPIO BSRR. Setting a bit in the top 16 bits sets the output to 0. Setting a pin in the bottom 16 bits sets the output to 1.   The H7 HAL has split th...
    Peter Mather
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  • In-Application Programming over ethernet

    Hi I am using STM32439I-EVAL board. I want to program my board via ethernet. I searched and i could find an example in ST web site. https://www.st.com/content/st_com/en/products/embedded-software/mcus-embedded-soft...
    Sadegh Ghorbani
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  • stm32h7 alternate function

    Does anyone know where I can find a table or listing of the alternate functions for the stm32H7xx.  I have found the register description in the reference manual, Page 498/3178, section 11.4.9, but cannot find wh...
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  • STM32F072 GPIO Register inaccesible

    Hello STM Community,    I'm trying to evaluate the STM as a viable alternative to NXP MCUs. However, I have encountered a very early issue with accessing GPIO registers for a simple custom blinky ...
    Thomas Wilson
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  • WAND - Wireless Auto Note Device

    About this project : WAND stands for Wireless Auto Note Device. And first version of WAND is an invisible drum, with a stick you can play the sound of the real drum. And this is a small and convenient toy for everyon...
    Nathalie Magniez
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  • Finding People, Places, and Content

    You can make use of the following ways to keep track of, and find, everything that's important to you. And remember, as you develop behavior patterns in the community, Community will recommend relevant content, people...
    Nathalie Magniez
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  • Working With Your Inbox

    Your Inbox is where all of the activity you’re participating in resides.  In addition to that it also shows direct social actions (shares, @mentions and messages) as well as some action notifications like w...
    Nathalie Magniez
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  • Manage Community Email Notifications

    When you are active in your community, you may receive emails alerting you to activity on content and places you are following. Editing your preferences allows you to choose what content you receive email notification...
    Nathalie Magniez
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  • Manage Privacy Settings

    Some profile fields allow you to determine the visibility to the rest of the community. The options are: All registered users User's friends (people you connected to) Private to the user   Some profile fiel...
    Nathalie Magniez
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  • Different Content Types - What's the Difference?

    Content Type Purpose Example Uses Format Style Stream Updates Drafts Advanced Options Marking Outcomes Discussion/ Question Ask the community a question; ask for suggestions; make a short observation or assertion t...
    Nathalie Magniez
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  • Bluetooth RC car controlled by an accelerometer (Dev. boards: ST Nucleo)

    Project realized by Nicolas Zephir, Bachelor in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Universite Bretagne Sud (UBS), Lorient, France. Advisor: Prof. Philippe Coussy. Support: Dr. Johann Laurent. Universite Bretagn...
    Nathalie Magniez
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  • How Do I Earn Points in the Community

    The new platform allows us to set point values for certain actions in the community. We want to recognize and reward those of you who are creating helpful content and helping other members. We also want to incentivize...
    Nathalie Magniez
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