• NucleoSynth 6-Voice MIDI Virtual Analog Synthesizer

    Project info: An expandable feature 6-voice virtual analog synthesizer built using just one STM32F7 Nucleo-144 board, one stereo audio jack, and a USB-Micro-B to USB-A adapter. Play directly thru USB via any...
    Christopher Pappas
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  • Macronix 8-I/Os Read-While-Write NOR Flash operation on STM32L4+

    Open video

    Andrea Silvagni
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  • How to read Current, Voltage & Power values from STPM32TR by using UART

    Hi Guys,        I am new to this ST32, i want to read  values  of current, voltage & power values by using nrf board. there is any sample codes for sending commands to...
    Ramalingeswar Rao
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  • What happened to HAL_UART_Abort in STM32F7xx_HAL_UART.c?

    The named entry point exists in STM32F4xx_HAL_UART.c, but not in the F7 version.  F7 version is about 400 lines shorter, dated 30-Dec-2016, V1.2.0, while F4 version is dated 04-Nov-2016, v.1.6.0.  Kind of co...
    Dan Mackie
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  • STM32F429 LCD driver: decreasing refresh rate

    I am planning on using the onboard LCD controller on STM32F429. I am newbie in driving TFT LCDs and I have 2 questions:   1- I am planning on driving a 800*600 LCD in 24bit rgb mode. This would require a buffer ...
    harry anders
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  • LIS2DH12 High Power consumption in normal power mode

    Hello,   Currently,  am working with  lis2dh12 mem sensor for my ble application. I am using accelerometer to detect movement and then reading data from accelerometer using bypass mode. During no movem...
    Bilal Ahmad
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  • TIM3 OC problem

    Hello ,  I am using NUCLEOf446re board and i have some issues with TIM3 OC getting 50Kz waveform on channel 1 .    when i derive systemclock from PLL . it works fine .  systemclock = 180Mhz APB...
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  • High frequency clock signal generation

    Hi, I'm facing a problem i can't solve. It seem so simple but i think i need an other point of view. For a project using a led driver (LED1642GW) i need a clock in 20MHz~30MHz. I forgot this oscillator in my hardwa...
    Félix TREFOU
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  • Unable to connect with USB CDC after minor changes (I.E. defining a new variable)

    So I just started developing with the STM32F Discovery board and the only thing I'm facing are problems. The biggest problem is that one time I can connect to the virtual comport using RealTerm, and the other time it ...
    Mike Veltman
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  • clk frequency output problem

    Hi,   I use the STM32CubeMX to send data using UART, but I have a clock frequency problem, I configured the clk as shown on the picture below logically, I should obtain 80MHZ as an outpout frequency, but when I ...
    Mohamed GORRAB
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  • write to flash mem stm32f429

    hello evrybody, i can write to stm32f103c8/cb with no prblms using hal functions , but now i need to write to stm32f429ZI nucleo cart , but no success some times i can what i wrote by coinsidence but this is very str...
    created by TARHAN SAMAH
  • CHIP ANTENNA with S2-LPQTR for 433MHz RX

    Hi All, We are looking for a Chip Antenna for S2-LPQTR. We need 433MHz RX with a 100-200m range requirement. We are using S2-LPQTR since it drains only a low current and it has only a small form factor. We ...
  • Energy Meter through RS485 port with MODBUS RTU protocol using stm32f427 mcu

    Hello,   I am want o read Energy Meter through RS485 port with MODBUS RTU protocol. I am using stm32f427 mcu.    is there any one who can help me with this..   who to write cubemx code to read m...
    created by NITIN RAWAL
  • USB CDC recognized by computer, but device manager says: "This device cannot start. (Code 10)"

    I have used CubeMX to generate the USB CDC driver. I connect my board to a computer and the device manager recognize it as: "STMicroelectronics Virtual COM Port (COM15)", but it has a error message: "This device canno...
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  • When will the VL53L1X API source code be available

    The default application here doesn't allow to use the multi-zone feature mentionned in this PR. I believe I'll need to wait for the API source code to be released to get access to this feature. It turns out that as of...
    Cédric Caron
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  • SPBT3.0DP2 Tx buffering

    Hello, I'm evaluating the SPBT3.0DP2 as a replacement for an AMBER AMB2300 module, which is used in a RS485 to Bluetooth converter device designed around 2007. This converter is used to communicate an Android mobile ...
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  • MPU9250 SPI - Only receive 0xFF

    Hello! I new to programming within the embedded world(and C in general) and I have been stuck on this problem for some time now. The problem is that I want to use MPU9250 with SPI by using HAL, but I c...
    San Der
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  • How can I set pb8 to SDA on stm32f103rc?

    I want I2C function on stm32f103rct. pb8-> sda and pb9-> scl   I set ports configuration  like this #define I2C_SCL_HIGH    GPIOB->BSRR = 0x00000200    //PB9 0x...
    Youngmin Choi
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  • use PH3 pin as GPIO instead of BOOT0

    Hello all,   In STM32L432KB, I want to use PH3 pin as GPIO, instead of BOOT0 without affecting its boot sequence. How should I achieve it ?
    Maunik Patel
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  • SPWF04 Standby current

    We are using SPWF04 recently and found this module when running at standby mode would draw around >1mA current rather than uA level mentioned in the datasheet (it actually comes to uA for a couple of seconds and tu...
    Tia Meng
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