• STM32 Primer2 - st-link functionality

    Just playing with STM32 Primer2 (quite old hardware: stm32circle.com ) and have a question related to the debugger interface. This piece of hw uses rlink interface for Ride7 IDE to debug/program the target MCU. ...
    Bogdan Golab
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  • Stm32l4 iir compute time

    Hello engineers,   I would like to ask you about your computing time of your iir. Ive tried cmsis but ive measured avg. 50us computing time for 32 samples using direct form biquad single stage filter.  ...
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  • Keil vs TrueSTUDIO IDE

    I have been using Keil IDE for years (as a hobbyist). Maybe someone who knows both Keil & TrueStudio could share some details about pros & cons.   I know that the primary difference is lack of licensing...
    Bogdan Golab
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  • ADC Current sensing using a Potential Divider

    Hi All,   I'm going to be building a motor control circuit, and what I would like is to be able to monitor the voltage and current going into the motor. Was going to use the STM32F108's inbuild ADC to meas...
    Thomas Carrington
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  • I cannot get I2C work on stm32l476

    Hi All,   First post on here and a newbie with the STM32 family of devices (I come from a PIC background - sorry about that)   I have just received my first STM32 board design back from the sub contractors...
    Peter Curtis
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  • Confirmed Messages issue with LRWAN 1.1.4

    Hello.   I was working with the LRWAN software using the Murata module a couple of months ago and was happy with its operation and functionality on my custom PCB. I moved over to hardware/antenna development and...
    Ben Ning
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  • STM32F401: HAL Busy never clears after write

    hi there,    I am debugging an issue on the M4 where the SR2 hal busy bit never clears after a write transaction. The slave device asserts clock stretching but releases the clock.       ...
    Tyler Arnold
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  • STM32 SPI receive always shifted 3-4 bytes

    Hallo,  i use the HAL to program a little test software to transfer data via spi between two STM32 Nucleo boards. One board with a STM32L476 sends every 5 ms 74 bytes of data as a spi master with 625 kBit. Chip...
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  • STM32, ADC and continuous conversion mode

    Hi. I need to have the value of 2 channels and the internal temperature. My adc is setup as this:     hadc.Instance = ADC1;   hadc.Init.ClockPrescaler = ADC_CLOCK_ASYNC_DIV1;   hadc.Init.Resoluti...
    Denis Gottardello
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  • Are stm32 Discovery board and stm32 demo board similar ?

    Hi I'm new to stm32. I bought stm32F407 development board. Lot of examples are based on Discovery board. How to program development board via IAR 
    Senthil Karalasingam
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  • STM32f746 - I2C Busy flag stuck after a few reads

    Hey, I am currently using HAL_I2C_Mem_Read_IT() to read out data of a capacitive touchscreen sensor. The call works perfectly for the first 10-100 interactions, the interrupt fires HAL_I2C_MemRxCpltCallback() is trig...
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  • Does USB device code for STM32 really allocate dynamic memory from interrupts?

    Today in one of my projects I've enabled a new feature of my RTOS (distortos - advanced real-time operating system) which ensures some functions are not used in interrupts. This checks - among others - for any use of ...
    Freddie Chopin
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  • Link_driver failure

    Hey everyone,   For some reason I can mount, open and write to a SDcard. Although for some reason I cant use the LinkDriver function.   I have the function setup as if(FATFS_LinkDriver(&SD_Driver, SDPa...
    piet t
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  • Where to start developing usb firmware?

    I need to develop an isochronous type USB firmware to transmit real time data to computer, but I dont know where to start. My question is What book/article/blog is enough to read to start developing a usb firmware ove...
    Mohammad A
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  • Jive... Community vs. forum?

    Congratulations for fixing the forum! (knocking on a wood)   A confusing thing for newcomers like myself is that questions can be asked in the STM32 Forum and in the STM32 Community. The latter IMHO is conf...
    pavel a
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  • 4 bit SDIO doesn't work although 1 bit SDIO works SDCARD

    Hey everyone,   I have a quick question concerning the 4 bit sdio sdcard implementation. The 1 bit sdio seems to work perfectly. I have absolutely no issues, although when implementing 4 bit it completely bugs o...
    piet t
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  • AT24CM02 interfacing issues with STM32F072

    Hi,   In our project we are using STM32F072 and have 2 Atmel AT24CM02 serial EEPROM (256KB,256 page) over i2c interface. I am using standard peripheral library 1.5 for developing firmware for this. I find strang...
    Nandakumar Palaparambil
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  • STM32H743 SPI2 waiting affects other RTOS tasks

    Hello, this concerns CubeH7 1.1.0. Simple app with 2 FreeRTOS tasks:   task #1 sends data continously via Ethernet task #2 calls   i.e. int waiting_time=0x1000; HAL_SPI_Receive(&hspi2,buf,10,wa...
    Joerg Wagner
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  • STM32F334 with 24C32 EEPROM I2C Read/Write

    Hi,   Trying to get I2C communication between a F334 and a 24C32 EEPROM working, The read and write functions do return correctly, but the reads do not match what has been written to the EEPROM. Struggling to ...
    Manu Abraham
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  • Analog watchdog is not firing more than once

    Hi,   i want to use the analog watchdog (ADC) on my STM32F4. I have an analog sensor attached to channel 1 of ADC1. I dont want to use CPU to make constant function calls to ADC, even with ADC interrupt mode i h...
    Patrick Morwald
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