• [STM8S001J3] First STM8 MCU in 8-pin package: introduction

    Dear STM8 Community,   This is a very exciting moment for all of us. STM8 MCUs family was extended with a new device, which is named STM8S001J3. This new family member reshapes STM8 portoflio and takes ...
    Szymon Panecki
    created by Szymon Panecki
  • Nucleo kits for STM8 MCUs

    Dear STM8 fans,   Let me inform you, that STMicroelectronics extended hardware tools ecosystem available for STM8 MCUs by introducing two STM8 Nucleo-64 kits: NUCLEO-8L152R8 and NUCLEO-8S208RB.    Eac...
    Szymon Panecki
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  • New STM32F7 and STM32H7 Value lines

    Check this out!   Brand new stm32f7 and stm32h7 family members   Flash kept to the essentials.   Prices start from $1.64 for the STM32F730, $2.39 for the STM32F750 and $2.69 for the STM32H750 for ord...
    Laurent VERA
    created by Laurent VERA
  • 2018 STM32 Wish List

    Dear Community Members & STM32 fans,   Today 05th December 2017: it’s been a year since we started with the Jive solution as a platform for our STM32 MCUs Forum . For sure, we still have things...
    Amel N
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  • New video available for FCU Android app

    Please check new video uploaded for the Android app to control your drone: Getting Started STEVAL FCU001V1 BLE ANDROID Application for drones - YouTube    Let me remind that full SW project is available in...
    Matteo Maravita
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  • Installing STM32CubeProgrammer on Linux

    As a major Linux fan, I was pleased to find out that ST developed their recently released STM32CubeProgrammer as a cross-platform application. The STM32CubeProgrammer is a convenient tool for flashing firmware onto yo...
    Frank Voorburg
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  • STM32-C2C (Cellular to Cloud) Web Concierge Portal

                            Welcome to this help community thread for STM32-C2C Discovery Packs. P-L496G-CELL01 and P-L496G-CELL02   When new owners of P-...
    S. Marsanne
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  • Bridge it with STM32 H7

    STM32 H7 the bar-setting benchmark for ARM Cortex-M Core performance!   Unprecedented on-chip RAM memory density and richest connectivity peripherals set, with addition of a state of the art security for the int...
    Sylvie Boube-Politano
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  • Welcome to the STM32 MCUs Community

    Whether you're an established developer, an enthusiast maker, a STM32 partner, a student, a teacher, or just getting started on STM32, you will find a lot in this community to stay informed, learn, share you...
    Thomas Borowczak
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  • "Powered by STM32" logo

    Boost your image with the "Powered by STM32" logo  Proud of using STM32 in your school project, in your maker prototype or in your application ? Want to leverage on the power of a trusted and undisputed leading ...
    Thomas Borowczak
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  • STM32 Cellular Modem Box

    This is one of my STM32 boards, the Terminus 2, using the STM32F405ZGT6   External power is 12 VDC supplied via barrel or Molex connector. The Molex connector exposes a number of ADC, USART, GPIO and CAN in...
    Clive Two.Zero
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  • STM32 Ecosystem Workshops in Europe

    Our Ecosystem series of workshop in Europe is getting to an end, One full day combining theory and lab sessions, more than 30 cities, 1 500 more engineers trained on stm32 cube, STM32 HAL, STM32 LL, usi...
    Laurent VERA
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  • Trawling eBay for STM32 proto boards

    The STM32 DISCO and NUCLEO boards have dramatically altered the development landscape supplanting the use of the expensive EVAL series boards in many businesses. In conversations with ST Engineers, the uptake of EVAL ...
    Clive Two.Zero
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  • Prefetch issues on the STM3240G-EVAL

    An issue came up over at the Keil Forum the other day, and reminds us to be cautious and careful about working with some early silicon that might be on the boards we use. scary STM32F4 compiler issue?    T...
    Clive Two.Zero
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  • Simultaneous USB Host and Device

    Hello,   I would like to share with you an interesting code.   About the code for simultaneous USB Host and Device.   This is the first version of the code targeting a F446.   But this code gives ...
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  • Espruino now available on Nucleo-L476RG

    Espruino is an open source JavaScript interpreter for microcontrollers. It is running on Espruino boards and various other boards based on STM32 F4 family.   The support of L4 Low Layer API has been added recent...
    Vincent VERON
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  • Embedded World 2017 - Exciting moments from day 2

    We are back for our report of the best moments at Embedded World 2017 on day 2. Let's take a look at STM32 demos.   Jean-Julien PEGOUD at the STM32L corner :   Laurent Fay and Radek R at the HMI of...
    Thomas Borowczak
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  • Embedded World 2017 - Exciting moments from day 1

    If you missed us today at Embedded World 2017, here is a selection of the most exciting moments :   STM32 is more present than ever this year with the STM32 Fan Zone   STM32 Fans test...
    Thomas Borowczak
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  • Embedded World 2017 - Exciting moments from day 3

    We are back for the final report of the best moments at Embedded World 2017.   Let's continue the visit of the STM32 Fan Zone :   Adam Berlinger and Jan taking care of the STM32Cube and STM32 Technical sup...
    Thomas Borowczak
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  • NB-IoT and 2G/3G mbed-enabled IoT starter kit

    u-Blox announces a new kit utilizing the STM32F437VGT6 (180 MHz, 1MB FLASH, 256KB RAM) and ST-LINK w/mbed support C030 App Board | u-blox    u-Blox just released their NB-IoT and 2G/3G mbed-enabl...
    Clive Two.Zero
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