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Matteo Conti
Hello, I'm interested in developing an application involving the high side switch VN7003ALH. In particular I was interested in putting more of these switches in parallel in order to split the current load. In order to read the total current that flows through the switches will it be sufficient to use a voltage summer with an op-amp that receives… (Show more)
in Switches and Multiplexers
Sath W
This is regarding the STEVAL-IME011V2 evaluation board based on the STHV748S 4-channel 5-level high voltage pulser. Can I please know if I can connect my own transducer to the high voltage output SMB connector, without de-soldering the on board equivalent load.  Can I also know if you think I could use this board to build a simple… (Show more)
in Switches and Multiplexers
Jason Lambert
Hi ST TEAM!   I was reading through the low side switch app note AN4798 and noticed an error in one of your graphs.    I don't believe this device actually goes to 250C, but if I'm wrong let me know because that is amazing!!   Regards -JWL
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Haigy Bob
Dear helper: I got a question about the Low side switch IC L9825. The conmunication mode of this IC is SPI. It is unbelievable that the SCK high time is specified as 160ns based on the datasheet. The time can't exceed 160ns or is less than 160ns, which is riduculous. Generally, the SPI clock frequency has a maximum value, not as mentioned in the… (Show more)
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Eric L.
What is the lowest output frequency possible with STHV748 or STHV800 ultrasound pulser IC's?    I'm interested in possibly generating a signal as slow as 50KHz or possibly even slightly lower.   
in Switches and Multiplexers
gopi sankar
Dear sir/Madam   Im using iso8200b in one of my project.For footprint creation I referred   page31 in datasheet of the product but for dimension 'E' minimum value is 9.4mm and maximum it is written as 1.6mm which is wrong.Can anyone give the correct information about the footprint dimensions or whether we have provision to download… (Show more)
in Switches and Multiplexers