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John Zack
Hello, Im getting IP Video stream from hdmi modulator, my application requires PTR protocol, I need to know if STiH273 support RTP protocol or not, if not - could you guys recommend me suitable solution? Im not sure if I picked a right place to post my topic, but I didn't find forums whach are related to STB products.
in Switches and Multiplexers
Hello, I am using the STEVAL-IME009V1, and I would like to modify the factory settings "STSW-IME009_May_2014.dfu" file to output the demo waveforms at 60kHz instead of 5MHz. Using the Dfu file manager, I extracted the DFU file to a hex file, but I cannot find where the frequency for the programmable waveforms is specified. Any help would be… (Show more)
in Switches and Multiplexers
Hello Communnity, I would like to know what is the minimum pulse frequency for STHV800 chip? Can it operate with 40-100 KHz piezoelectric transducer? Thank you.
in Switches and Multiplexers