Szymon Panecki

Nucleo kits for STM8 MCUs

Blog Post created by Szymon Panecki Employee on Jul 13, 2018

Dear STM8 fans,


Let me inform you, that STMicroelectronics extended hardware tools ecosystem available for STM8 MCUs by introducing two STM8 Nucleo-64 kits: NUCLEO-8L152R8 and NUCLEO-8S208RB


Each of these Nucleo kits contains STM8 device in LQFP64 package (either STM8L152R8T6 with 64kB Flash or STM8S208RBT6 with 128kB Flash). All MCU's pins are available on the ST morpho connectors. Additionally Arduino UNO connectors allow easy stacking of Arduino shields.


MCU is connected with some external circuitry: two buttons (user and reset), LEDs (two user LEDs), 32.768kH LSE crystal (only in NUCLEO-8L152R8) and ST-Link programmer/debugger.


Embedded ST-Link allows programming and debuggin of STM8 MCU on Nucleo kit as well as STM8 MCU in user's application. Additionally ST-Link works as a Virtual COM Port and acts as a UART bridge between MCU and PC. 


We hope you will enjoy using these two new tools.