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[STM8S001J3] First STM8 MCU in 8-pin package: introduction

Blog Post created by Szymon Panecki Employee on Jul 31, 2017

Dear STM8 Community,


This is a very exciting moment for all of us. STM8 MCUs family was extended with a new device, which is named STM8S001J3. This new family member reshapes STM8 portoflio and takes it to the new level by introducing new, tiny, small form factor package - SO8N. 

STM8S001J3 belongs to STM8S Value Line series. All STM8S Value line microcontrollers are fully compatible with the existing STM8S product portfolio, sharing the same IPs, key parameter performance and development tools.


STM8S001J3 has small package and little number of pins, but still it embeds rich set of peripherals. Below some of key features of this device:


  • Core and system
    • Flexible clock control capable to use three clock sources: 2 internal (HSI 16MHz, LSI 128kHz), 1 external clock input.
    • Wide operating voltage range: from 2.95V to 5.5V
    • 5 I/Os
    • 8- and 16-bit timers
  • Memories
    • 8k Flash
    • 1k RAM
    • 128 Bytes EEPROM
  • Conenctivity and debug
    • UART
    • SPI
    • I2C
    • Single Wire Interface Module
  • Analog
    • 10-bit ADC with 3 channels

All these peripherals can be used on 5 I/Os thanks to smart multiplexing system.

You can immediately start your design based on STM8S001J3 with free of charge development tools: Cosmic compiler, STM8CubeMX, Standard Peripheral Library and STVD IDE.


More information you can find on STM8S001J3 webpage.