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Hi,   i use IAR EWSTM8 to debug and flash the STM8S103F3 controller which i have here on a small blue breakout board. Yesterday i flashed the Controller via the ST-Link V2 as always but instead of going into the debug menu, IAR gave me this on the console:   C-SPY Processor Descriptor V2.20.1.176 for STM8 C-SPY Debugger Driver, ST-LINK… (Show more)
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Amel N
Dear Community Members & stm8 funs,   BEST WISHES for the New Year!!!   As done for the STM32 Community here, and to satisfy STM8 users who want to express their STM8 related expectations (like travkin.roman who already started it in Why not STM8 wish list?): we would like to hear you and gather all wishes here.   So please keep us informed on:… (Show more)
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ahmad sina
i need your help about drive micro SD card with STM8L101F3P6 i use the library of Eval-Board of STM8l151 for this and i have no error in compile Code but the stm failed in initalize routine of SD and can not init this. So the MCU cant write data on SD Card what Capacity of SD i can use.
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So, info in reference manual is irrelevant? The read should be always done as: ; Read Seq_1 ld A, TIM1_REGH; ld XL, TIM1_REGL; ?   Will the following sequences lead to incorrect results? ; Read Seq_2 ldw X, #TIM1_REGH; Store in X address of TIM1_REGH ld A,(X); Read TIM1_REGH push A; incw X; Set pointer to TIM1_REGL ld A,(X); Read TIM1_REGH; Read… (Show more)
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Martin Davey
Hi, Was looking at a recent version of a datasheet for STM8S003F3P6, and there seems to be no comments relating to a bandgap on AIN7. There was mention of it on previous datasheets (I have one from 2014). Is the bandgap officially present on this uC? My code is showing that it physcally is there - as I am getting readings relative to Vdd… (Show more)
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I have the problem with I2C comunication. I programmed two STM8S-Discovery with example firmware available in C:\Users\u.iaquinta\Downloads\en.stsw-stm8069\STM8S_StdPeriph_Lib\Project\STM8S_StdPeriph_Examples\I2C\I2C_TwoBoards\I2C_DataExchange One discovery is master and the second discovery is slave. Rp1 and Rp2 is 10 K.   The interrupt I2C… (Show more)
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I've noticed that in the STM8S standard peripheral libraries, in the UART1_Init function there is an assertion checking the baud setting:   assert_param(IS_UART1_BAUDRATE_OK(BaudRate));   Digging into stm8_uart1.h, the default baud setting for macro IS_UART1_BAUDRATE_OK is 625000 but UART1 is capable of up to 1Mbaud based on the datasheet… (Show more)
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I Encounter a strange problem when using "st visual develop":   Yestoday everything was normal. But today when press "start debugging" button in my STVD project, STVD Stops Working and collapses。   I am using Window 10.   Anybody knows how to solve this? Many thanks!
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Hi, I'm stm8 newbie, and i wonder if i can do assumption, that reading uint32 variable will be atomic. There is simple function returning system time measured in ms using uint32_t variable, and it's looks like following  207                     ; 109 uint32_t systemGetBootTime(void)  207                     ; 110 {  208                    … (Show more)
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Billy Bob
I have a custom LCD that I am trying to drive with the STM8L052C6. I have tested the LCD with 2 other MCUs and it works fine. However, when I try to drive it with the STM8, it is very dim and almost not visible. I probed the pins on another MCU that works and compared it with the STM8 trying to drive it. This image shows the STM8 vs a working… (Show more)
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