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saran raj
how to find MCU serial number/unique id for the MCU?
in STM8 MCUs
I am working on a code which utilizes External interrupts on the PORT B. STM8AF5286 is used with the Cosmic compiler.   I have not found any information about how the interrupt flags are handled internally and knowing their behavior would be important for my project.   On the logic analyzer capture below you can see that the pulse on the PORTB… (Show more)
in STM8 MCUs
Furkan Erman
Hi,   I want to detect zero crossing of AC mains by using stm8l151kxxx. In referance manual it says there are two comparators for zero cross detection but it doesn't give detailed information about hardware implementation. While I was using other vendor's mcu, I was using two serial connected resistor between mains and mcu. But in this case,… (Show more)
in STM8 MCUs
Although the STM8 reference manual RM0031 does not seem to mention it, I understand from the AN2658 (section 2.7) that I must read ADC_DRH and ADC_DRL in a specific order, with the actual order depending on my configuration of the ADC. It seems obvious (at least to me) that the the LDW instruction can be use to read these two consecutive… (Show more)
in STM8 MCUs
On an STM8S003: When I write a page to eeprom it sporadically seems to cause a lockup of the CPU. When I check with a scoop it seems to finish the writing but milliseconds thereafter a lockup happens. It does not help if I disable interrupts during the writing to eeprom. 
in STM8 MCUs
Hello,   In ST Visual Develop there is no shortcuts for "Start debugging" and "Stop debugging". Why it wasn't implemented yet? These shortcuts are standard in many others IDE.   Can it be configure in seetings or external text file?   Regards.
in STM8 MCUs
We have LIN slave driver. We are sending the LIN commands from LIN master (A PC application). However, the data packets are missing to be received on LIN slave side. Any suggestion, how to debug/detect this?
in STM8 MCUs
Mike Bounds
I am trying to understand what "sim()" does in the example code that comes on the STM8L-DISCOVERY eval board (Introduction to STM8L15x power saving modes using the STM8L-DISCOVERY IDD measurement feature) where the source can be downloaded… (Show more)
in STM8 MCUs
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