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Hello, - MCU : STM8L101K3 I am using Port A.2 for interrupt and Port D.2 for general gpio.   GPIO_Init(GPIOA,GPIO_Pin_2, GPIO_Mode_In_FL_IT); EXTI_SetPinSensitivity(EXTI_Pin_2, EXTI_Trigger_Falling); GPIO_Init(GPIOD, GPIO_Pin_2, GPIO_Mode_Out_PP_High_Fast); In my scenario, Port D.2 is changed input to output mode per every 1sec. if(onesec)… (Show more)
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Dear all,   First I would like to thank you for any help that you might give me. My purpose is to flash an empty code in the uC (STM8AF5288TAY) but its always says "lost SWIM communication".   After analyse of our self designed board, I remarked that the problem might come from the NRST pin of the uC. There is only a condensator connected to… (Show more)
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Billy Bob
Hi,   I feel like I've been through the reference manual a million times, but I cant figure out how to get my project into low power mode. I'm driving a LCD screen with a counter on it. I have two external switches to wake up count up and down. And I'm using timer4 to hopefully wake up periodically and do some work.  I need two low power modes,… (Show more)
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Laia J
Hi everybody I have designed my own pcb stm8 based on discovery board stm8AF52 5v power I can program it easily without any problem but Vcap voltage is 2.4 instead 1.8  what is the problem here? thanks for your help in advance 
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Philip Haasnoot
I have been using ST Visual Developer for 6 months without this issue. I was having problems with a project I am working on and thought that re-installing the tool might help. Once I un-installed the tool and installed the latest version the program will either crash after a few minutes, or crash immediately when launching the programming tool. It… (Show more)
in STM8 MCUs
jeremy pouteau
Hello, i have an STM8L1526 board, and i don't success to connect with my computer. I use ST visual develop but it doesn't work. I want to use the STM8L152C6 to drive some of led on extern electronic plateform ( prototype). thks for your help
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Steven Shenker
When performing multiple write block operations the device is freezing. I am unable to recover the device without a manual power off reset. I believe my code is correct. Could this be a driver issue? I am using IAR.   Any help would be appreciated.   Please see my code for this below:         /* Define flash programming Time*/      … (Show more)
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sohaib qamar
Hi, I got the STEVAL-ISA164V1 board from Digikey. I need to program STNRG388A controller with ST-Link v2 using SWIM interface. I have tried ST Visual Programmer with the whole list of STM8 controllers one by one, but ST-Link is unable to recognize the connected device. Please tell me, how can i upload firmware(.hex) file in STNRG388A. I need… (Show more)
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Brian Kling
Thinking about going to 32 bit? The time is now! Join ST for a 1-hour webinar on how to move to 32-bitsFriday, April 20, 2018 from 11:00 to 12:00   Take advantage of the new advances that make it "easy" to program 32-bit microcontrollers, benefit from their cost-effectiveness and add new features to your application. This webinar will help… (Show more)
Philipp Krause
By now, most of the bits for a fully free development environment for the STM8 are in place. Some might need a bit more polish, or a few more features, but work is progressing. Not everything has been relased, or made easy to use, but that will happen with time; most of the necessary hard work is done. Of course, there is still room for hard work… (Show more)
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