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Sang hyeon Jeong
Hi   I am using STM8S001J3 controller on my project and I'm have some problem about it,  I want to use analog channel 2 on pin 7 However, AFR2 is disabled in STPV. How do I fix it?
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Alok Nigam
I am using stvd and cosmic compiler for development of MCU STM8AF6246 .   In file stm8s.h   /* #define STM8S208 */ /*!< STM8S High density devices with CAN */ /* #define STM8S207 */ /*!< STM8S High density devices without CAN */ /* #define STM8S007 */ /*!< STM8S Value Line High density devices */ /* #define STM8AF52Ax */ /*!< STM8A High… (Show more)
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Rita Jonkute
I am trying to make I2C work with stm8s103 using  <iostm8s103f3.h> and <intrinsics.h> libraries. The controller has to read data from temperature sensor, which I could later use to show on OLED. Could anyone help, or maybe share a code to help?   #include <iostm8s103f3.h> #include <intrinsics.h> #include <stdint.h> unsigned int time=0; unsigned… (Show more)
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Lu Entong
PM0044: the MOV instrucuon op code example on page 69 does not match Opcodes on page 119. RM0033: Page 39: Figure 3 states "1 page = 1 block = 128bytes" and "Option bytes 128bytes" which is not correct with 8L051. The whole chapter contains many more errors likely due to inadequte "copy-and-paste" and needs to be thoroughly examined.
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Stefan Balck
Hello, i'm searching for the Source Code of the EVAL Board STEVAL-ILD004V2 with STM8S103F2 Controller? I can only found the compiled Firmware. Can anybody help me?   Best Regards, Stefan
in STM8 MCUs
Hello everyone I am new to this forum, so hello. I am also new to STM en C. I am trying to learn everything step by step but get the stuck on the adc. I am trying to get the adc working on stm8s003f3 with the following code in STVD with Cosmic, and send the result to the pc using UART. Can anybode tell my what i am doing wrong? adc_value is 1010… (Show more)
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Chayan Roy
Hello everyone, I am trying to  receive   receive a hex data (0x20) from the uart1 port of STM8S003F3P6 , from another microcontroller's TX pin. Connection is as follows:   STM8S003F3P6                   AVR MCU     RX <------------------------->  TX     TX <------------------------->RX   AVR MCU is working with 5V Supply and STM8S003F3P6 is… (Show more)
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Philipp Krause
By now, most of the bits for a fully free development environment for the STM8 are in place. Some might need a bit more polish, or a few more features, but work is progressing. Not everything has been relased, or made easy to use, but that will happen with time; most of the necessary hard work is done. Of course, there is still room for hard work… (Show more)
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Szymon Panecki
About this project Dear STM8 Community,   STMicroelectronics recently extended STM8 family with STM8S001J3, which is a first STM8 MCU in a small 8-pin package (SO8N). A short introduction to this new STM8 member you can find here. Following by introduction of STM8S001J3, we would like to demonstrate you how easy is to design a hardware with…
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