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Omkar Teli
We are using STM8L051F3 and it has 2 inputs which is 2 key keypad which we are using for our application. Now i want to use that keypad for ON/OFF of microcontroller also.How i can do that? I want to ON controller power supply when i press keypad key and then i will use those key for my application also and then if i key for long time or press… (Show more)
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pavel a
Since ST already has its place on Github, could you consider publishing there the STM8 driver libraries, so that users could clone the libraries into their projects, as git sub-modules? Users could also share patches, pull requests, code reviews and so on.   The doxygen generated manuals can be published via , similar to how ARM and Keil… (Show more)
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Vyacheslav Azarov
Hello.  I'm trying to develop for STM8 one simple but correct program. But I can not find an answer to one important question. Please explain the behavior of the interrupt system in the following situation. In the errata sheet (DocID17140 Rev 5, Section 2.1.3), a workaround for the abnormal behavior of the interrupt system was suggested.… (Show more)
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huck lim
Hello everyone, I need help from all the MCU expert out there. I want to download the bootloader code and the firmware code of the STM8s207CBT6 microcontroller. My target (the microcontroller)'s Data-EEPROM, Bootloader, and Flash firmware program have already been programmed. I want to re-program the Bootloader and the firmware code only. The… (Show more)
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Minh Nguyen Van
From RM0016_STM8S series and STM8AF series 8-bit microcontroller datasheet, page 124/595, the Fomular is: But as we have in "STM8S_StdPeriph_Lib" static void IWDG_Config(void) { /** * @brief Configures the IWDG to generate a Reset if it is not refreshed at the * correct time. * @param None * @retval None */ static void… (Show more)
Paolo Rizzo
Hi, for my project I use external port interrupt. When it come, I have to do an ADC conversion. The interrupt come every 5 it possible to have an ADC conversion after interrupt every 5us? I'm using discovery kit with STM8S003K3 MCU for test my software. Can I use the stm8s library? Because from my last test I see that  interrupt can not… (Show more)
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Philipp Krause
At FOSDEM 2018, there will be a talk on "The free toolchain for the STM8" in the "Embedded, mobile and automotive devroom".   The talk in the will be 2018-02-03 11:00 in room UD2.218A at the Université libre de Bruxelles.   There has been a lot of recent progress, from the speed optimizations in SDCC to the on-target-debugging support via… (Show more)
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debadutta reddy
Hello I have developed a timer cum frequency meter using STM8S003F3P6 microcontroller. Interfacing a LCD to show the frequency and time. And also reading a remote switch (PLC realy switch), accordingly controlling(switching) an external driver board of a generator. But the source code inside the micro controller is corrupting after several cycles… (Show more)
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Philip Lane
I am using two STM8L152C6T6 Discovery boards. I programmed them with the AN3281 slave / master I2C example, but it fails to work. I keep getting a bus error (BERR bit set). I looked at the lines with a scope - the data looks fine but the clock is saw tooth, totally triangular. Any suggestions ?   PC1 connects to PC1 PC0 connects to PC0 A 4k7… (Show more)
in STM8 MCUs Community
Hello Everyone,   I am working on the STM8AL3166 and try modify the SPI register.  My simple code is as below : int main() {    SPI_CR1 |= 0b00100100;      /* Configure as master and 500 kHz com speed } As read in the datasheet, I made a library.h with the correct address : //STM8AL3166 SPI REGISTER #define SPI_CR1 *(unsigned char*)… (Show more)
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