Frank Bachmann

Running the End-Node Demo on the STM32L476RG and LoRa Expansion Board

Blog Post created by Frank Bachmann on Jun 14, 2018

Hi all.
This may have been detailed elsewhere but I am running into issues running the End-Node Demo on the STM32L476RG and the USI STM32 Nucleo LoRa expansion board (8885-019387-02 with SX1272).


I've already changed the region from the default EU868 to the US915 Hybrid.


The LoRa network I am attempting to connect to is the MultiTech MultiConnect Conduit (Model MTCDT)


When running the example program it doesn't seem to want to join and I'm not detecting any packets on the Conduit.

I've tried the OTAA and personalized activation procedure as well to no avail.


DevEui= 01-50-46-58-35-50-9A-58
AppEui= 01-01-01-01-01-01-01-01

VERSION: 44101150

*** seqTx= 0 *****
TX on freq 913700000 Hz at DR 0
it's 0:0:0:89 WU@ 0:0:1:89
it's 0:0:1:89 WU@ 0:0:2:89
it's 0:0:2:89 WU@ 0:0:3:89
it's 0:0:3:89 WU@ 0:0:3:93
it's 0:0:3:100 WU@ 0:0:4:89


It seems there is some key step I'm missing or not understanding.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.