Erwan Gouriou

Open source RTOS by Zephyr

Blog Post created by Erwan Gouriou Employee on Jun 29, 2017



Zephyr Project is an open source project supported by the Linux Foundation. Publicly launched on February 2016, it aims at providing a secure and scalable RTOS for the IoT and fit into smallest memory footprints, which Linux cannot address.


On June 15th, Zephyr OS V1.8 has been released. Among various features, such as Tickeless Kernel or MPU support, Zephyr RTOS supports now 16 different STM32 based boards, mostly ported by community, but also the Disco L475 IoT (B-L475E-IOT01a) promoted by ST as a flagship for IoT applications.


In order to ease adoption and open contributions to a larger community, Zephyr also made recently some changes. Main source tree is now hosted on GitHub to speed up the review and acceptance of incoming pull requests. Besides, Windows environment support has been added recently and you can now work seamlessly on Zephyr on Linux, Mac Os and Windows.


Even though Zephyr takes advantage of the stability of the world famous Wind River's commercial OS VxWorks from which it is derived, it is a young, innovative and ambitious project with a lot of on-going works such as Device Tree support to ease configuration, Javascript runtime support for quick prototyping,  and wide choice of connectivity, starting with BT 5.0.


To make this happen fully, Zephyr community looks forward to your contributions. If you're curious or interested, check Zephyr project website, contribution guidelines and come and enjoy cool wind of open source!